Women Led Restaurants

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Women-Led Restaurants

One of the largest online food delivery services, GrubHub, is donating up to $1 million to support female leadership in the food industry. In return, diners pledge to eat at women-led restaurants. To help the cause, GrubHub is developing an interactive map of women-owned and operated restaurants. The nonprofit Global Citizen, which campaigns for gender equality, supports initiatives that empower women entrepreneurs. Interested in supporting women-led businesses?

GrubHub’s RestaurantHER initiative

One of the leading online and mobile food ordering platforms is joining forces with the James Beard Foundation to launch Grubhub’s new RestaurantHER initiative. The initiative aims to promote restaurants owned and operated by women by encouraging diners to donate their change as a token of support. In addition. The project supports the Beard Foundation’s Women Led Restaurants Leadership programs. To learn more about Grubhub’s RestaurantHER initiative. Read the article below!

For the second consecutive year. Grubhub is launching its new RestaurantHER initiative in support of women-led restaurants. The company’s initiative will provide up to $1 million to female-led restaurants across the country. Through the initiative, people can pledge to support restaurants in the city or region of their choice and contribute up to $1 million each month. To help promote women-led restaurants. Grubhub is offering diners the option to choose the gender of the restaurant owner or chef.

KitchenAid’s Women of Food campaign

A new documentary by KitchenAid explores the lives of women in the culinary industry. A beginning with the struggle to find a place in the industry and ending with their triumphs. The film, “A Woman’s Place,” is a collaboration with the agency Digitas, brand studio Vox Creative, and Adventureland. It’s directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, director of the Netflix film “Period. End of Sentence.” The film is now available on Hulu.

The campaign has a strong social element and skews slightly toward females. Which may be why it’s been so successful. It also targets a broader age group, from 18 to 54. This demographic could be influenced by the company’s history of creating women-centric products. Still, it’s clear that this campaign is aimed at younger women. And the foundation’s mission to increase the number of female chefs.

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Nneji Ajaro

This restaurant is the brainchild of an African-American woman, Beatrice Ajaero. Her business, Nneji Café, offers groceries from Africa. As well as the United States. She also carries hard-to-find international groceries. Including Nigerian textiles. Nneji is the perfect example of a women-led restaurant devoted to giving back to her community.

Ajaero is passionate about serving West African cuisine and is passionate about sharing her culture’s cuisine with a wider audience. She was away from home during college. But discovered that there weren’t many West African restaurants in her new town. She knew she wanted to spread the flavors of West African cuisine to a wider audience and community. Her passion for educating others about the food of her native land has fueled her success.

Pizzeria Sirenetta

If you’re in the Upper West Side, you’ve probably heard of Pizzeria Sirenetta, a women-led Italian restaurant. The Upper West Side eatery is own by Gabi Ross. A smart woman who study culinary and sommelier courses in New York City. She opened her first restaurant, Sorellina, at age 25. Since then. She’s become a favorite with locals for her delicious pizza and unique dishes.

The name of the restaurant is derive from the word “Sirenetta” in Italian. Which means little mermaid. Sirenetta has lounge seating with maximum airflow and will add a parklet by 2021. The restaurant’s menu is influence by the coastal concept and features daily raw bar options. Including oysters, king crab legs, littleneck clams, and smok mussels. Plates of pasta are made from scratch with local ingredients. While popular entrees include swordfish Milanese, monkfish cheeks, and salmon tagliata.

Lovely Day

If you have never been to a Women Led Restaurants, now is the time to try it out. The menu at Lovely Day is made up of small plates, entrees, and classics. Those who attend the festival will have a chance to enjoy some of these delicious creations. And because the event is happening on the day that women are gaining more power in the food industry. There are some other great events that will help you celebrate the achievement of female restaurateurs.

A few weeks ago. Popular food delivery app Caviar partnered with Pineapple. A platform for women that promotes diversity and encourages women to find their own style. The two companies recently launched the Women-Powered with Pineapple hub. The highlighting restaurants run by women and featuring female chefs. Caviar is proud to support female restaurateurs, so they will donate a portion of each order to the James Beard Foundation.