What Is Tiktok and Why Should You Care About It:

It’s very easy to spot them – they have a huge number of followers and they don’t even have enough content on the profile page to justify that. Here You Go If they do have some, it is usually just useless stuff which doesn’t say anything about them (random quotes, images or videos).

And the biggest social network of them all is TikTok. Yes, you read that right – TikTok. It’s not Facebook, Twitter or any other usual platform for social media. It’s a Chinese app owned by Byte Dance (formerly Musical.ly) which in just 3 years grew so fast that it is currently the no.1 ranked social media app in 100+ countries, including France, UK and USA.

Why the quality of your follower count matters:

Now, if you want to get your message across to more people on TikTok, what you need is a good follower count. That’s the only way users will see your profile and possibly watch one of your videos or like them. Here You Go That is why you need real followers from a responsible service that values its clients and doesn’t just sell them the bare minimum something they have to re-buy in no time.

here you go
here you go

Tips for getting the most out of your follower purchase:

1. Order followers gradually:

To get the most out of your purchase, you should start with a small order and build on that. If you do it all at once, chances are many users will report you for cheating and TikTok will suspend your account. The number of complaints is directly proportional to the size of your order anyway so it is better to start small and get gradually bigger.

2. Don’t buy fake likes:

TikTok is good at detecting fake accounts; it detects them every time they like or comment on something. So you should be careful not to buy fake accounts that will like your videos, Here You Go even if that’s what the service promises, because TikTok is not stupid and most likely will notice.

3. Don’t buy a package with a short expiration date:

TikTok’s administrators may think that you used some kind of automatic script to like your videos or follow other users, so they might ban you for it. However, if you do the same thing over a long period of time and at a slow pace, you will be safe and they won’t even notice.

here you go
here you go

4. Don’t order anything from shady websites:

Sometimes people offer too good to be true deals, and it usually is just that: too good to be true. It’s better to spend a bit more money on a reputable site and get the most out of your purchase.

5. Don’t give up:

Just like in business, life and everything else, you can’t expect results overnight. If it takes time for people to notice and follow you and watch your videos, you shouldn’t give up after the first failure or two. I like to compare it with exercising: if you go to the gym for one day and think that should be enough, it probably won’t be. It takes time.


Buying followers on TikTok is a must if you want to get more exposure and get your message across, but you need to be careful about where you purchase them or you will end up in real trouble. I hope this article helped clear things up and wish everyone good luck and new followers!