Top 10 Virtual Trade Show Booth Ideas

Amid several restrictions imposed in 2020, going virtual was the only feasible option to ensure the continuity of businesses and events. It led to the popularity and acceptance of online event platforms.

While there are several virtual conferences, exhibitions, summits, meetings, etc being held in large numbers, let’s not miss out on online trade shows. These virtual or hybrid shows bring global exhibitors and attendees together at a time. Brands get a chance to display their content, products, and services to a large group of audiences and deliver unique event experiences.

Virtual booths are a unique selling point of online exhibitions, expos, fairs, or trade shows. Here’s a list of some trendy trade show booth ideas in 2021;

Prepare Engaging Content

Content holds a vital role in elevating the level of your events. You can create an interesting collection of products, demos, offerings, documents, videos, presentations to lure more attendees to your booth. Make sure to keep these resources accessible and downloadable so the attendees can check them out conveniently. Keep high-level content for each of these sources to ensure that your attendees stay involved and hooked throughout the event.

Make the Most of Video or Live-streaming on the Exhibitor’s Page

The deficiency of physical booths or stalls does not mean that exhibitors cannot outshine at virtual events. Hence, one can get really creative in making the virtual booths more attractive with the customized and innovative solutions of the platform. Exhibitors can leverage live-streaming to enhance the outreach of their booth to a massive group of virtual attendees residing in different parts of the world.

Add Games to Make your Virtual Booths More Exciting

Games like virtual spin the wheel or bingo are like most individuals’ favorite pastimes. It is an effective strategy to add a fun and entertaining element to your virtual trade show. People would love to take part in such events. Besides this, you can also include exciting prizes for the winners to make their event experience more thrilling.

Usually, a bingo is about numbers, but to add more excitement and meaning to trade shows, you can create a virtual bingo related to words of the trade products.

Exhibitors Can Include Virtual Workshops

The main motive why exhibitors invest in any virtual event is for obtaining more potential leads and higher revenues. Through these workshops, they can give a demo of their latest products to fascinate more attendees and convert them into valuable customers. It is an excellent way to earn better revenues, drive sustainable growth, and cater to the objectives of investing in an online show.

Use Incentives to Draw More Participants to the Virtual Booth

People love discounts, offers, incentives, or prizes. Hence, make them a vital influence to make your virtual booth the most visited or embraced one. You can create a leaderboard challenge that will award points to the attendees for actively participating or visiting a booth. The one who tops the challenge can take home exciting incentives. Besides implementing these ideas, you also need to notify your online audience about the same. You can use pop-up features or promotional pages that will tell everyone about the exciting prizes or incentives.

Virtual Photo Booths

Adding virtual photobooths is a great way to make the event more memorable and remarkable. You can decide to keep branded photobooths at your event. It will help attendees take various photos as unforgettable takeaways from the trade show. They can either capture selfies or group photos with their families, friends, or pets. In the times to come, they would love to relish these moments through these photos. Also, they can post these pictures on different social media platforms. It is an excellent means to let the virtual audience connect.

Keep the Exhibitor Booth Active for Some Time Post the Trade Show

Boosted ROI is a significant concern for any exhibitor. Hence, keeping their virtual booths or pages active for at least 2-3 weeks post the event can increase the ROI effectively. It enables participants to access these booths or the content even after the trade show is over. At times, there are situations when virtual attendees are not able to access each aspect of the online event. So, with post-event accessibility, exhibitors can accomplish their objectives or goals.

You Can add a “Show and Tell’ Virtual Booth

The name itself sounds interesting, right? Let us explain how you can integrate this exciting activity at your virtual booth and make the most of it. During this activity, the speakers or emcees can give an interesting situation to the attendees. For example, it can be a situation of feeling hungry or excited. The attendees are not supposed to speak, they can only explain the above situations by using a relatable GIF or image.

Consider keeping multiple rounds of this activity with different situations. It is an excellent means to keep the attendees hooked and make your virtual booth the most visited one. Do not forget to integrate a real-time chat option that attendees can use to show the GIF or images of the given situation.

You Can Email the Attendees a Brochure of the Exhibitor’s Information

Getting renowned and notable exhibitors on board is a method to draw more registration. To do this accurately, you can combine the essential information of exhibitors in the form of PDFs or brochures to keep attendees aware of the exhibitors or booths they can expect. It will arouse a sense of excitement among the potential audience, and they would eagerly be waiting to visit the online events, exhibitions, or trade shows.

Consider Conducting Quizzes to Make your Virtual Booth More Exciting

Quizzes or trivia shows are some most-liked activities that people enjoy at any virtual, physical, or hybrid trade show. To make the most of it, you can play video presentations, slides, keynote sessions, and more to showcase information about the exhibitors. To eliminate boredom, you can add quizzes in between the presentations to encourage the attendee’s active participation.

Wrapping up

Hosting a trade show virtually does not mean that you have to compromise on any features, aspects, or tools. In fact, online trade shows are a great way to enhance your global reach, boost brand value, and get several exhibitors and attendees together at a time.

We hope, the above-mentioned trade booth ideas will help you make your virtual show more engaging.