The Punjab Government has transformed school education in the state and attained various facilities. During the current year, he has made many accomplishments in the education sector. hence, he has taken various steps for increasing the level of children studying at government schools.

  • to distribute smartphones to the students
  • to provide free education to all the students
  • to make great strides ( building smart schools)
  • to fill the vacancies about 15, 000 teachers
  • to improve the school infrastructure

Hence, Under the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister and the guidance of Education Minister Mr. Vijay Inder Singla, the government school maintained a level. Moreover, Launched a campaign to provide free smartphones to 1. 74 lakh students. These students are studying in Class XII in government schools. A revolutionary decision has been taken to provide free education to all students. This guideline is from pre-primary to class XII.

 Under the Vijay Inder Singla leadership, the process has been started to fill the vacancies of 8393 teachers for pre-primary education during the current year. These are a few posts that are appointed for the government schools on a merit basis.

  • The posts of 154 Principals
  • 672 Head Teachers
  • 38 Block Primary Education Officers
  • 375 Center Head Teachers
  • 1558 Head Teachers
  • 3704 posts of Master Cadre
  • 2364 posts of ETT Cadre
  • 173 Principals
  • 337 Headmasters
  • 75 Block Primary Education Officers

The process has been started through direct recruitment. vijay inder singla leadership  during the lockdown due to COVID-19, the ‘Educare App’ was also launched. to provide online education to the students of government schools launching this app. to keep them constantly connected with the curriculum and maintain their level of education.. The teachers have been teaching the students regularly by online programs. during Corona time by setting up online video and audio classrooms under the ‘Home Sitting Education’ program it is going on

The Education Department conducted a “Punjab Achievement Survey” for the welfare of the students. Hence to assess the learning outcomes of the students a survey has been done. The program aims to increase the knowledge of the students. The Education Department also conducted an Orientation program for the students’ mental development. It is done under the Capacity Building for all the teachers and staff.

Hence, various reforments have been done. some of these are below mentioned.

  • To provide better learning facilities
  • constructive environment to the students
  • 6832 smart schools have been set up in the state
  • 341. 17 crore has been spent on the construction
  • 4543 new classrooms coming in government schools.
  • amount of Rs. 35. 15 crore has been spent
  • providing furniture in schools.

Moreover, the projectors and tablets are distributed in schools in the state.  new computer labs have been set up in 613 schools for making children more informative. Moreover, 3048 new toilets have been constructed in government schools.


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