Top Mobile Security and Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

Each day, we receive new newsflash reports about ransomware, hacking or malware. Our devices are also at risk. What anti-virus software is best for Android phones? We have put together a list of some such software to protect your Android phone.

Avast Mobile Security

How can we skin Avast when we talk about antivirus? This company used all its impressive skills to create an application that does more than just scan your phone. The free version of the app includes a firewall, call blocking, and an anti-theft feature that allows you to remotely wipe or lock your Android smartphone if it is ever stolen or lost.

Abhi Diwan, Who works at One of B.Ed Colleges in Haryana as a Teacher, states that her phone was stolen from her wallet and she erased all data using the Avast Mobile Security app. This allowed her to keep her bank passwords and email safe. The initial cost of the application was $10. It is now free to use but will display ads. You will need to pay a small fee to remove the ads. The app also has an additional premium feature, the in-app locking function. You can use this feature to set a pin. You’ll need the security pin every time you open the app that has the PIN set.


Bitdefender is a well-known name in security. Zac, a professional reviewing expert, recently posted TAS Review. says that Bitdefender’s antivirus program is extremely lightweight. It doesn’t run in background, which is a great thing about the security program. This saves battery life and does not unnecessarily use system resources. This does not mean that your phone will be protected unless you run or schedule a scan.

Bitdefender will automatically scan any new apps you install on your phone. Bitdefender’s unique feature is its ability to be used right away after it has been installed. You can use Bitdefender immediately after installation. You can also check out the free 14-day trial for mobile security apps. This includes more than an antivirus feature. You’ll get anti-theft and real time protection for your Chrome browser. Jane, an online reviewer who conducted a review and compared other portals, said that the best thing about Bitdefender was the Privacy advisor tool. This tool is useful if you want to protect your smartwatch via WearOn technology every time you take your phone with you.


AVG antivirus is another security app with amazing features. AVG antivirus app does more than just perform core antivirus functions. It also includes an app lock, Wi-Fi scanner and a photo vault to protect your files. It doesn’t stop there. You can also use it to enhance performance, prevent battery drain, stop background processes from running, delete junk files and do a lot more. Raun, a finance assignment help  provider shares his experience. He says that the AVG app’s anti-theft protection capabilities came in handy when his phone was stolen. He tracked the location via Google Maps and found it. You can remotely lock your phone using the lockout message function.

You can also instantly set the phone to sound a siren if your phone is lost or stolen. It will also take a selfie of the person trying to unlock your phone and email it to you. It can also record the entire episode’s audio. This is not all. You also get a bunch of advanced security features with the application. It will lock the phone if anyone attempts to change the SIM card. If you are concerned about an intruder using your phone’s SD card, you can remotely wipe it off. You can also block unwanted calls by using additional privacy settings. Roy, the best Django course provider, says that AVG’s dashboard feature is quite impressive. The dashboard feature allows you to access additional insights. This dashboard will provide information about apps that use the most data, as well as other privacy issues.


McAfee is another popular brand in the antivirus software and PC apps field. McAfee’s mobile app is as good or better than its PC version. The standard antivirus scanner is included. You can remotely lock, wipe, or track your phone. The application can take a picture of the thief to send it to you if your phone is ever stolen. Other notable features include the ability to scan your apps frequently to make sure they don’t leak any sensitive information and locking them if necessary.

McAfee will block all potentially harmful websites from your computer, making sure your device is safe. John says that he uses many shopping portals and portals where you can purchase research paper . These portals all ask for personal information. Then these online providers call endlessly. That’s when McAfee’s blacklist feature comes in handy. To keep spammers and callers away, the DND and blacklist features of McAfee are perfect.

These are our top four Android safety and antivirus apps for 2020. It is crucial to protect your privacy and security in a digital world. These applications can help you do that. Download them now and get started.


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