Too Many Pets

“Hi, we’re many pets. We’ve made a healthier, happier existence available and affordable to all pets including your pets. Since our inception in 2021, we’ve insured thousands of dogs and cats around the globe. As a small, privately-owned company, our focus has been on providing basic veterinary care for animals in need. From spaying/neutering, vaccinations and emergency care, we strive to work closely with our clients to meet their pet care needs while saving them money. This means that most of our services are not provided by veterinarians. Rather, we provide basic veterinary care and recommend responsible pet ownership.

What have many pets done that require extreme care? The most common reason is a hoarder. Many animals in any situation will eventually develop a “household burden”. When animal hoarder becomes too comfortable or dependent upon certain humans in their household, they begin to hoard everything they can no longer use or enjoy. It could be anything from furniture to food to medication.

Home Of a Hoarder

The majority of hoarders maintain at least one pet in a confined space. The home of a hoarder is generally disorganized and chaotic. There are few or no areas or spaces unoccupied. Many times, the only living creature in the house is the one pet. Cats and dogs are very likely to be the only living creatures in a residence where there are multiple pets. It is impossible for a person to maintain personal hygiene while maintaining multiple pets at one time.

When a pet hoarding condition develops, it can have negative implications on the health of every animal. Pets in a home with poor hygiene and care suffer from a variety of health issues. Stressed animals, elderly animals, and sick animals are all at risk for developing psychological problems. A depressed animal is more susceptible to developing stress-related illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia. An ill or elderly animal is at risk for developing physical problems including arthritis, bone disease, and joint pain.

Hoarding Behavior

Hoarding behavior is harmful not just to the animals housed with the hoarder, but also to other family members. Neighbors may become concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of the residence. Neighbors may even be worried about safety and theft. This can all affect the work schedule of everyone living near the hoarder. The pets will not be able to get enough exercise to be able to relax and get enough sleep. This will all have a negative impact on the quality of life.

Pets Euthanasia

Many pet owners choose to get rid of their unwanted pets through euthanasia or putting the animals up for adoption. Others choose to donate their pet’s body to science so scientists can study how best to help animals live healthy and longer lives. Scientists use many of the pet’s bodily remains to develop new medicines and treatments for diseases that afflict thousands of animals every year. There are several options for pet owners who feel unable to come to terms with the death of a beloved pet. Several pets are put up for adoption by Humane societies and charitable organizations. Others are put up for sale in an effort to raise money for a medical emergency or to find a loving family. No matter what decision you make, the loss of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience for everyone involved. The good news is that if you are one of several pets in need of a home, there are options out there for you.

One option for those in the position of being among hundreds or thousands of pets in need of a home is to turn to pet shelters for assistance. These shelters strive to provide the very best in animal care by providing foster homes, medical treatment, and all of the resources available to take care of your pets in a loving, compassionate manner. Many shelters also offer foster homes for older pets who are unable to find a new home due to age, temperament, or disease. Some shelters even offer adoptions to families with older children who want to adopt a pet. If you have several pets in need of care, you may qualify for these services.

Veterinary Clinic

Another option for those in the situation of having several pets is to contact your local vet. Your veterinary clinic should have a facility that specializes in how many pets is too many. The staff will be able to answer your questions on the number of animals you can keep as well as the costs associated with caring for them. Your veterinary clinic should also have a list of local vets who accept pets in the way of a shelter. Ask for this list of veterinarians in your area.

Finally, if you are in a situation where you have multiple pets or live in an apartment and do not have the money to care for multiple pets, your next best alternative is to have a feline friend. There are many organizations that exist specifically to help those in similar situations, including the Feline Rescue Association. Feline rescue homes exist in almost every city and state. Many of these homes provide excellent care and a home for cats who have been neglected by their owners. In addition to providing a loving home for your cat or kitten, a feline rescue home can also give your family free advice on how to better care for your cat and kittens and what steps to take to stop the cycle of abuse from occurring again.