The Best Social Media Platforms For Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the business s most successful advertising channels. It s a great way to establish brand recognition, connect with current customers, and produce new leads to boost your pipeline. But which one is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck? There are tons of social media management platforms out there, ranging from blog platforms to online community-based platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Each platform brings its own strengths and flexibility to the table. Which one you choose should depend on how you plan to use it. Do you want to use just Twitter to update your staff and clients about what s happening? Or do you need a broader scope? Here are a few tips to help you determine which platform is best suited for your social media management needs:

Social Media Management Platforms

The first two best social media management platforms to consider are Facebook and Twitter. Both of these offer their own advantages. Facebook offers the ability to connect with your audience across the world whereas Twitter can help you interact with potential customers from across the globe. It is also possible to integrate your business with popular social networks through such services as Sprout Social, GetResponse, or MySpace Lunch.

If you have no idea what social media platforms are all about, take a look at these quick introductions to help get you started: Facebook is a social networking site that lets you create a profile that friends and family can join. You can add all manner of photos, videos, and information about your company. You can even upload games and applications for your visitors to play. The real drawback to Facebook is that you must have a valid email address in order to join. While you can still reach a lot of people this way, it may not be as effective as using other platforms.

Great Social Media Sites

Next up on our shortlist of great social media sites are YouTube and Instagram. Both of these websites allow users to upload and share videos. While YouTube may not be as popular as Facebook, millions of people use it every day so its traffic is still significant. Unlike Facebook, there’s no limit to the number of people that can join your account so if you’re considering launching an Instagram page you should definitely check out the popularity.

There are many ways to promote your YouTube videos, but the most successful way is to use a “no follow” link. This means that if someone clicks on that link they won’t be taken to your website or blog. Instead, they will be redirected to your video. While not everyone will be influenced by this change, it does help keep the video relevant and prevents the spam that can result from video SEO (search engine optimization). One other benefit of creating and using YouTube is that millions of people use it each day, so even if your video doesn’t gain viewers immediately, it’s worth the effort as it can gain viewers over time.

Top Three Social Media Platforms

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Twitter and Facebook are two of the top three social media platforms available to businesses today. While they aren’t interchangeable with one another, they can still provide great exposure for businesses trying to grow their customer base. Like Instagram and YouTube, both of these platforms allow users to update their status and connect with their followers. Both of the platforms share some characteristics that are beneficial to businesses looking to advertise.

In fact, there are few places online where companies can have the impact that they have on Facebook and Twitter. However, if you aren’t ready to make the investment required to utilize these platforms, then I would recommend you consider starting your social media marketing campaign with one of them. As you gain experience, you can expand to other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.