Six reasons to opt for Chinese translation

Chinese Translation and its Importance 

Chinese translation services are inevitable to target billions of masses. China is the world’s biggest economy, and it’s the dream of every entrepreneur to invade and rule the Chinese market. 

There is a great return on investment for targeting the Chinese audience for business purposes. However, this is only possible after the implementation of the right and effective translation services.

Here are six major reasons to go for the Chinese translation services

  • Chinese prefer their native language

China has its population in billions. The availability of the internet has made it easy to target most of them. However, when it comes to targeting the Chinese market, companies need to target them with the right, effective and strategic translation service. 

It is better to hire a Chinese translation company as they know their masses better, and they can help in better and more effective translation. Chinese like and prefer to interact in their native language. 

So, it is important to make changes in their language and implement those modifications effectively whether it’s an app, software, or website.

Plant Vs Zombies has minted a lot of money in China. It is one popular and famous app there. However, it was not famous there since always. There is a story behind it.

 As per Leo Lui who brought this game to China, they were in a state of denial by the support that they got from Chinese people after the localization of Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone. Not only their comment boards were flooding with positive comments, but they also made it to the number one paid application on the China app store. 

Furthermore, they are selling twice many copies now in Chinese than they ever sold in English.

  • Chinese hardly speak other languages

Almost all of the Chinese speak Mandarin, which is their traditional Chinese language, and that too in their local dialect. Most of them are not even proficient in English, Japanese, Hindi, or other relevant languages. 

Though there are few who speak more than one language, they live in the big and major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Moreover, several types of research and studies have proved that even though customers are proficient and know foreign languages, they still prefer to purchase and buy stuff in their native language.

So, going for Chinese translation services not only increases the chances of fetching more potential customers from far away areas and outskirts, but it also increases the potential tremendously of connecting with those who are in the main cities.

  • Chinese are tech-savvy

Chinese people are obsessed with their smartphones. These were not much common in the outskirts and usually were most in use in the main cities. However, these are more in use now than ever. Chinese are literally purchasing everything online.

 Be it grocery, food, a shared ride, or purchasing other products. In the times when America and other countries are trying to process with maximum usage of Uber, PayPal, and Apple Pay. China has its own app like WeChat.

 WeChat is one multi-use app that the Chinese use to send a taxi, pay for groceries, games, and not forget the chit-chat. Chinese people are social, and they love to connect and are using this app for years now.

The companies should consider how they are missing a huge audience of surfers to visit their sites while even being online for hours. 

That is most probably because the app doesn’t have its translation in Chinese and if translated it has not been optimized for Chinese search engines. This is one strong reason to hire a Chinese translation company now and go for Chinese translation.

  • Chinese love foreign Brands and Eateries

China is a developed country and Chinese people love foreign brands. Though the trade deficits may quote otherwise. Chinese love buying foreign products, and they take great pride in purchasing from western websites. It is a sign of belonging from high status and having wealth to buy products that are not local.

 However, this is not as simple as it seems to be. Western websites and brands have to target the Chinese market properly. They need to translate the content well. Moreover, they also have to work on marketing and advertising translation services. Effective marketing strategies are inevitable for a smooth and successful entry into the Chinese market. The business owners have to provide the product description, information, safety details, and other marketing material in Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese always prefer coca-cola as a cold drink, this is so because coke played smartly by translating and localizing their products long ago. They not only changed their products and details, but they also preferred to change their name to Kekoukele for the Chinese audience. No one would have dared to ignore this big market for any reason. 

The same goes for McDonald’s. People in China can order McDonald’s by making choices from the Chinese menu of McDonald’s. McDonald’s has also translated their content and modified products accordingly to cater to the Chinese people since long ago. So these examples implicate, how Chinese people are into foreign brands and eateries.

 They show great interest in giving foreign products a try, however, for that purpose they expect the companies to address their needs and preferences in the best way possible and that too in their native language.

  1. Chinese Invest beyond Boundaries 

China is undoubtedly leading the number of developed markets. Its products are everywhere in the world, regardless of boundaries. China’s Alibaba claimed the title for largest IPO (initial public offering) ever with extra share sales, and it was huge. Chinese are now into buying landmarks and homes in bankrupt Detroit. 

Moreover, Chinese insurance giant, Anbang bought Waldorf Astoria in New York. The famous IBM, who is now Lenovo, is made and assembled in China, and not to forget the Apple products. 

Chinese investor Kenny Huang owns The Cleveland Cavaliers partially. These examples are proof of how not going for a Chinese translation service can make miss the one huge potential market. A market that can get millions, if not billions, only if rightly invested and proper marketing and advertising translation services are hired.

  1. Miscommunication due to Poor Translation 

This is another primary reason to ponder on the translation services. Many business owners who are already interacting with the Chinese people understand how the consequences are and could be without proper translation. 

They do observe how things can be sorted by having relevant translation services. According to the China law blog, entrepreneurs and others waste millions of dollars on the issue of miscommunication. 

The miscommunication occurs when required documents lack clear and precise translation with the right intent and context. Besides that, these issues also occur as a result when a big lot of average translators try their hands on a language which they don’t understand enough to translate. 

So, when companies pay heed to the need for quality translation, they get the results, and productivity increases eventually.

Final words

The above-written article has been shared to prove how professional and quality translation into Chinese can take the business of companies to next level. It can open the door to multiple opportunities and possibilities more than any other place and region in the world.

China’s economy is growing with every passing day, and the Chinese public is ready to explore foreign brands and services. They are technologically sound resources who are waiting for the information and brands that are well presented to them in a way that they understand and contemplate well.