Promote Your Home Business With Article Marketing

Do you know that you can promote your home business with article marketing?

Yes, I heard you.

You want to promote your home business but you say, “Article marketing? Must I write? Gosh I never loved writing!”

If there’s one technique that will work for promoting any home business, I would say, article marketing is one of them.

There are so many home business owners who promote by writing articles. They write articles and submit them to article directories placing their website link in the resource box or simply to their own website or blog.

The secret is… not all of them are good writers. One of the biggest challenges that many of you are facing is you simply cannot or hate writing articles.

Well, I don’t hate to write but it can be tiring if you have loads to write at a time. I know most of you hate writing and simply refuse to write at all.

Here’s the solution. Why not outsource your writing? Hire professional writers to do the work for you and save time.


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One place to outsource your article writing is RentACoder.

The first thing you will want to do is sign-up for an account RentACoder.

Take a look at all the projects posted. You’ll notice a lot of projects meant for programmers nevertheless there are many writers there who will bid for your writing projects.

Here’s a step-by-step guideline.

Step 1. Post your writing project.
Step 2. Await your project to be reviewed and accepted.
Step 3. Project accepted – Wait for writers to bid on your
Step 4. Receive email every time someone bids on your project.
Step 5. Review your bids.
Step 6. Do a check on your bidders for their qualifications and ratings.
Step 7. Shortly 2 or 3 bidders…
Step 8. Do a short interview with them by asking specific questions to your needs.
Step 9. Accept one of them.
Step 10. Send the article keywords to your winning bidder and await your articles.
Step 11. Articles completed – You will receive the completed project
Step 12. Check your articles if it’s a copy job from other websites.
Step 13. Send payment to your writer.

There you have it! Promoting your home business with article marketing is easy and you don’t even have to write a word!

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