At Transformation Healthcare, we give voice to people affected by disabilities. Through their testimonies, they tell us about themselves, their experiences, and inspire other families. Through their portraits, we hope to help people better understand others. Today, let’s meet Arthur, passionate about creating videos, for students and adults with videographer with ADHD.

The announcement of my diagnosis

I learned that I had ADHD during my fourth year of college. The family environment in which I was anxiety-provoking. This stress accentuated the symptoms of ADHD which were, at this period of my life, already very present. So, my parents decided to take me to see a specialist. He made me do a series of tests and, after talking to me and my entourage, he diagnosed me with ADHD therapist near me.

Accepting the diagnosis was for me accepting to see myself as different. Therefore, I didn’t want to hear about it for the first three months. In the meantime, I had taken up bodybuilding. This sport, which is very stimulating from a dopaminergic point of view, has helped me on several points.

My journey

My school career has generally been chaotic because I had no goals. I was not surrounded by people who did a job that inspired me enormously. Therefore, I was sailing in one direction, not knowing why. I became successful when I was able to orient myself in a direction that fascinated me.

Middle School

I followed a normal school curriculum. I did my primary as well as a large part of my college in a private school. I didn’t like what I had to learn in class at all because I didn’t see any short-term interest in it. This lack of interest meant that I did not work outside of class. I rested on my abilities and, each year, I passed in the higher class narrowly.

Arrived in third, my school results were no longer sufficient. I had to repeat a year to hope to be accepted into a high school the following year. This repetition was not useful, because the lack of work was only the consequence, not the cause. I had no long-term goals and therefore had no concrete reason to get involved in my studies.

The high school

I finally managed to enter a general high school in the STI2D sector, which corresponds to a technological path, oriented in computer science. This course allowed me to combine theory and practice more, but that was not enough. Indeed, my results were relatively poor from the beginning of my high school until the end.

Creation of my YouTube channel

During my second year of ninth grade, I came across videographers who were explaining how they had created their activities in the service of others. I felt inspired by the characters they had become, as well as the value they brought to everyday life. I instantly realized that I had to undertake to get out of it.

I then created Transformation Healthcare, which allowed me to blossom more in my daily life. My YouTube channel was created to help people with ADHD, just like on other social networks. The main objective of this channel was to highlight professionals in connection with ADHD as well as people affected by this disorder to provide feedback.

I had finally found an activity that I liked, that brought value to others and that made me feel like I was useful. This activity developed from month to month and took a considerable place during my last year of high school. Miraculously, I still managed to get my baccalaureate.

Relationships with my co-workers

Good! In my company, the people I work with get to know me, and they adapt to my particularities. I am fortunate to work with sympathetic collaborators. However, I do not communicate directly about my ADHD with them. On the other hand, they all work on Awakening ADHD, and they are all aware that I have this disorder. The person who transcribes my videos listens for hours to my videos to be able to transcribe them. The person who edits the videos also listens to them to be able to edit them. Thus, they learn despite themselves about these different needs.

I tend to make certain careless mistakes in their respective fields, and they are used to it. Therefore, they make sure that I don’t make these mistakes, or they warn me when they do. For example, if I schedule a video for the wrong day, the person editing my videos warns me. It’s a set of small intentions that saves me many mistakes!

Graduate studies

The baccalaureate was my entrance ticket to a higher school, oriented in the web and multimedia. I decided to continue my studies in a sector allowing me to obtain knowledge, which would serve me in the short, medium, and long term in my activity.

Currently, I validate my bachelor (bac + 3), with an average of around 17/20. The environment in which I carried out my studies during the first 19 years of my life was not adapted to my way of functioning. This change of environment allowed me to add ten points to my average, and above all allowed me to fully blossom in what I was doing.

My associative commitments

I am not an active member of any association.

The reason for this is that developing my business occupies most of my time. Therefore, I do not prefer to scatter myself. I concentrate fully on what I consider to be essential for me.

On the other hand, I am an honorary member of the Oremis association. This association aims to help students with specific needs in the school environment and to raise awareness of school bullying. My role as an honorary member is to share my knowledge on ADHD with the various members of the association when necessary.

The impact of ADHD on my family and professional life

As I grew up, the impacts of ADHD on my family and professional life became less and less important. Indeed, when we get older, maturity and responsibilities lead us to find solutions to limit the impact of ADHD symptoms.

The impact of ADHD on my family life

ADHD impacted my family life before when I was still living with both my parents. Now I have come to know myself and learned how to manage ADHD symptoms better. Therefore, the impact of ADHD on my family is very limited. Of course, I’m still human, so sometimes I react impulsively. But fortunately, the consequences linked to these impulsive reactions are very small.

The impact of ADHD on my professional life

In my professional life, ADHD has an impact that is not negligible. Indeed, an organization is not my strong point, but I use many tools to compensate. I often tend to get tired of something or an activity. Fortunately, for a few months now I have been able to afford to start delegating certain tasks. For example, I find it much more difficult than before to write my articles. As a result, I now have someone drafting them in outline, which is a real relief for me.

My solutions, my advice

The treatment helped me a lot, especially during my last years of high school.

You can set up tools that will allow you to overcome different particularities. For organization, you can for example set up routines, a Bullet Journal, a whiteboard to detail all the tasks you need to perform.

My 3 key tips for other people with ADHD

They would be:

  • Educate yourself about ADHD, to better understand how you function.
  • Determine your areas of interest, especially those that allow you to express your creativity. Then, ask yourself how you could integrate them into your daily life, so that it gives you more pleasure and therefore more fulfillment. Next, if your goal is to share knowledge with others in an area that appeals to you, ask yourself how you could teach others the skills you have acquired through your area of ​​interest.
  • Set yourself a framework. We need to have a routine, a framework that will allow us to organize ourselves better and to carry out our projects. So, you must put one in place.

To improve the life and inclusion of people with disabilities

For my part, I believe that better knowledge and recognition of these different disabilities, as well as better care, would guarantee better inclusion.

Indeed, these particularities are still little recognized in France, which has the consequence of not making things happen at school, but also in the workplace.

In addition, I think that better recognition would bring another vision on these disorders, and on ADHD. Prejudices and received ideas are still die-hard, which does not help the people concerned to have a positive image of themselves.

Engage as a data subject

You have several ways to get involved. First, you can talk about it around you, whether it’s your family, but also your friends or your children’s teachers if you have any.

In addition, you can, like me and many other people, use your knowledge, and/or your image to put them at the service of the cause you want to highlight. For example, you can create a blog or a YouTube channel to share your knowledge on the subject with as many people as possible, and thus help the people concerned.

Investing humanly and financially for associations

Associations can live and develop thanks to the donations you make to them. It seems essential to me to take this into account, because, when an association wishes to organize an event (on ADHD for example), the organization of this event will require financial resources, which only its members can bring him. Donating to associations is therefore another way of participating in the recognition of a cause, without making a personal commitment.

Then, you can contribute to the development of an association by becoming an active member. You will thus engage in it by having a specific role.

Buy from players who share your values

This point also seems essential to me. Indeed, associations are not the only organizations to make things happen. Many small and medium-sized companies act with a common objective: to be able to devote themselves full-time to a cause that is dear to them.

This is for example my case, with Transformation Healthcare, which aims to help people with this disorder to improve their daily lives. But this is also the case with Transformation Health Care, which aims to make our society more inclusive of neuroatypical people.

The fact of consuming with the actors of the cause that we wish to support will allow these actors to grow by giving them more weight in our society. For example, instead of buying a fidget from the internet giants, maybe it would be better to go to Transformation Healthcare? This would allow you to contribute to the development of a company that supports the same cause as you!

The final word…

I thank the Transformation Healthcare team for inviting me to write this article! I hope it was useful to you.

The final word will be primarily for readers of this blog who have ADHD. I encourage you to continue to inform yourself and find solutions to better live with your disorder. It’s not easy daily and I’m aware of that. The failures that you have encountered before and that you will encounter later will impact your level of self-esteem. But don’t be discouraged. Your particularity should not hinder your development. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with it. Many people with ADHD have helped transform this world. So why not you?