OnePlus 7 Pro review: Sparring with the heavyweights

Some time ago there was a troublesome Smartphone creator called OnePlus. Its point was to construct a genuinely amazing, lead specced phone for a portion of the cost of its opposition.

Toward the start, simply a limited handful appeared to know about OnePlus’ presence – all things considered, the main gadget dispatched on the now-ended CyanogenMod open-source programming stage – yet even back in 2014 we figured it made an authentic showing. 

Come 2020 and OnePlus has developed into one of the most amazing selling premium Smartphone producers in western Europe and then some.

It’s steadily expanded its gadget quality and list of capabilities – with the OnePlus 2, 3, 5, 5T, 6, and 6T succeeding each other in the past six years – and, under the Never Settle mantra.

It’s continued to push for the most ideal experience. That is what’s really going on with the Oneplus 7 Pro – going after the lead stars.


Take a gander at the OnePlus 7 Pro and you can see quickly it has a place in the top-level alongside any semblance of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Huawei P30 Pro.

Its front and back are both canvassed in glass that bends towards those exceptional, cleaned edges on the two sides, making a shape that is practically consistent. 

Our survey unit is the Nebula Blue, which includes a comparative completion to what we saw on the Thunder Purple and matte dark OnePlus 6/6T.

Utilizing different layers of glass, with one that highlights minute openings in it, the organization has figured out how to accomplish completion.

That has a delicate sheen to it and shows off an s-bend design in the right light. Joined with a blue shading that inclinations from light to dim, from base to top, and the OnePlus 7 Pro has its own remarkable look. 

There are different completions, however, contingent upon which shading you pick. Different completions are more like different leaders, in that they’re reflexive. The Mirror Gray is a dim dark with an exceptionally cleaned finish, while Almond is white with a gold intelligent layer.


The screens in OnePlus gadgets have been consistently improving. For the beyond a couple of long periods of deliveries, those presentations have offered dynamic tones and extraordinary difference, in any event, offering the capacity for show geeks to tune it to their favored profile. 

However, yet, there’s constantly been a component that has prevented the presentation from being valid leader quality: sharpness. OnePlus’ screen decisions have never been especially fluffy, truth be told, at FullHD+, you could contend that the boards were practically identical to rivals. They simply didn’t exactly rival any semblance of, say, Samsung or Sony’s most superior gadgets. 

That changes with the OnePlus 7 Pro. It’s not simply OnePlus’ best at any point show, it’s perhaps the best presentation available.

It begins with the way that it’s currently Quad HD+ goal, making it the organization’s most honed at this point – and you can truly tell. Text is really fresh, with even fine textual styles being sharp and obvious.

Software and features

In light of Google’s Android Pie working framework, the OnePlus 7 Pro doesn’t include huge loads of new programming highlights contrasted with Android’s typical look and feel. Yet, there are several considerations worth pondering over. 

The Shelf – which lives to one side of the home screen and components alternate ways and gadgets to your most loved applications – presently has a Parking Location administration. Park up your vehicle, mark the area, then, at that point, never stress again over discovering it thereafter. It’s anything but another thing, yet it’s great to have it so strategically located. 

You get programming-based notice lights as well since there’s no more space for a LED at the highest point of the telephone.

Like the Oppo Find X, the OnePlus 7 Pro’s screen streaks tone up the two sides to alarm you when a warning comes in, adjusting its tone depending on the application. 

One we especially like is “speedy answer in a scene”. In the event that you end up gaming with your, Smartphone held on a level plane and a message rolls in from a viable application (like WhatsApp) then, at that point, you’ll get a little skimming console on the right and a talk window on the left. Type away with the right thumb to rapidly answer, send, and return to your game.

Triple cameras triple the fun

  • 48MP essential (12MP auto shots) 
  • Optical (OIS) and electronic (EIS) adjustment 
  • 8MP fax (3x zoom) 
  • 16MP super wide 
  • 16MP forward-looking 

Not happy with simply improving the screen much on the Pro model.

OnePlus additionally needed to coordinate with the large name telephone markers on the camera side as well.

That implies a triple camera framework comprising three particular central lengths: super wide, wide/standard, and 3x fax. 

Overall, results absolutely look sufficient during the day, while catching in great light. In any case, as with so many powerful cell phones these days there’s loads of handling proceeding to get the pictures looking great. OnePlus has fostered a handling method called UltraShot, which is a mix of both HDR and sharpness calculations.

The bottom line: it takes various pictures at various openings.

layers them up, joining them to give a definite, energetic shot (similar to Huawei’s Night mode). 

Albeit the OnePlus 7 Pro’s essential sensor is 48-megapixels.

It consolidates four pixels into one for every auto shot, giving you a 12-megapixel picture that is itemized and beautiful.

Truth be told, that is one thing we took note of exchanging between super wide, essential, and zoom cameras.

It was the pictures from the essential camera which reliably looked more lively than the other two lower-goal cameras.

Big battery, but can it handle that display?

The OnePlus 7 Pro has the most extensive battery the OnePlus has at any time ever in a Smartphone.

At 4,000mAh. Also, with that quick invigorate screen this telephone needs it.

While the battery life isn’t near being a two-dayer.

We tracked down that even on heavier use days.

The phone would in any case come to sleep time without a battle.

On moderate/light days, we’d have around a large portion of the battery left close to.

The furthest limit of the workday, with around 30-40 percent left at sleep time. 

These days would typically include an hour or thereabouts of music playing.

A few hours of gaming, or Netflix, with the standard Twitter utilization, tossed in just in case.

In short: it’s entirely equipped for getting past even the most active of days.

And all with the full-goal and 90Hz settings enacted (a settings menu allows you to change both of these to monitor more battery assuming you need).


In any event, moving toward a year after it was dispatched.

The OnePlus 7 Pro feels like the zenith for OnePlus. Something it’s been pursuing for various years.

Despite the fact that the 7T Pro was dispatched, nothing has changed. It’s as yet a splendid telephone. 

With its unparalleled edge-to-edge show and incredible fast execution, all its pieces are going after the lead stars. Add to that the way that it’s accessible as a 5G telephone as well – and you have something extraordinary. 

In earlier years, the OnePlus telephones were about speed and execution. The presentations were consistently incredible for the cash, yet never entirely coordinated up to outright best cell phones on earth. With the 7 Pro, it’s reality beating stuff on the presentation front.