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Learn a New Language: A Guide from TED Translators

As they say, you can learn till your last breath and it is not a lie. Learning a new language is not a task only children can do. Adults can also learn a new language without giving up. If you are looking forward to learning a new language, you are in the right spot. This article gathers the priceless input of TED translators on learning a new language. So, a guideline of key principles in learning a new language is as follows.

Be Practical

You mustn’t overwhelm yourself. Set goals that are attainable and realistic. Begin by selecting 50 words from a language and start using them in your routine and on other people.  Start adding more words and improve your grammar once you get yourself used to these 50 words. Take it slow and practice rather than memorizing. Realistic goals are vital otherwise you will have a good chance of giving up.

Take It As A Lifestyle Change

You can’t learn a language until you make it a part of your routine. Experts tell on finding language habits that you can follow. The language learning process can be life changing as it requires you to practice. Consistency is the one thing that can help you. you can only achieve that by making changes to your learning process. More importantly, you need to find ways that can help in your learning process. Inviting a foreign language into your house can be helpful.

Meeting people will allow you to learn and practice at the same time. The more you listen to a foreign language, the more your brain will consider it useful. As interacting can be key to your learning process, make new friends. If they know the language, it can be golden for you. If you are big on organization, label your stuff in the new language. Label objects around the house that you use constantly.

Learning from kids’ books can be helpful without overwhelming you. Use subtitles while watching a movie. Stop and rewind where you find interesting words. You can always end your standing in front of a mirror and narrate your routine in your new language. Try choosing creative activities where you can use a different language. Learning that way will mix fun and support you even further. These small lifestyle changes can make big difference.

Let Technology Help You

Technology can support your learning process with TED Translators. Change the language on your phone. you can start learning new words right away by doing so. You can change the language on your browser. Online learning opportunities can be another way to use technology for your benefit. Several online apps let you practice your speaking skills.

Recommended by a PhD dissertation writing service, you can get help using flashcards for vocabulary. Currently, there are many opportunities online which allow you to interact with native speakers. This kind of interaction always helps as you don’t feel being judged. Try playing games in the language you are trying to learn. Some websites can let you choose partners in different parts of the world. You can always choose people from the foreign land of your new language.

Think Of It As A New Experience Of Life

Learning a new language with TED translators will open up several new experiences for you. Focus on those experiences to align yourself with this learning process. You can go visit a theme park. Moreover, you can have the opportunity to enjoy a show in a foreign language. Further, you can approach creative writing pieces. Relate your experiences as a language-learning opportunity.

Whatever fun things you like to do, align them with your language learning process. Make your creative activities a source of learning of new language. You can download your favorite recipe in that new language. Do not get overwhelmed by that as it is for fun only. Instead of making learning a serious task, learn through a process that is fun for you. In this way, it has a better chance to penetrate your mind.

You Cannot Avoid Making Mistakes

In life, mistakes are good, they let you learn. While learning a language with TED translators, people worry about making mistakes. Do not take something which stresses you. Make mistakes and learn from them. Every mistake lets you go forward with your journey. Worrying about making mistakes, can be one of the most common barriers. People feel fear while conversing in a new language. Take the native speakers as someone who will appreciate your trying. Try to focus on their responsibilities as feedback instead of criticism.

Treat a native speaker like a doting parent. One word from you will make them appreciate you and help you. If you are nervous about holding a conversation with a peer, try someone younger. Sometimes, trying to speak a new language in a casual setting seems better. So, if you find yourself nervous speaking a new language in a formal setting, it is nothing new. Everyone goes through this process while learning a new language. Yet, if you still find yourself worrying about making mistakes, be patient. As you will start speaking with more people, it will help. More interaction with other people can help to develop that fluency you look for. You should try talking to people of your age while learning a language. It helps as there is less fear of judgment and you can make mistakes.


Learn a new language even if you have nothing else to do, it helps. It works for your confidence and self-esteem. It opens up new possibilities for you. Who knows you are working for the embassy in the next few months. You can do well as TED translators for the language you are learning right now. These principles discussed; can help you navigate while you are on this journey. Try and bring discipline about it. Learning a new language can be difficult, as requires concentration and memory retention.