How to Rebuild A Healthy Relationship With Exercise

Love/hate relationship with exercise, exercise addiction, an all-or-nothing approach, fad diets, stress, and uncertainty when it comes to exercising, expecting unrealistic results, and getting disappointed, does any of this sound familiar? Rings a bell? If it does then you might be suffering from exercise addiction or just exercise-related anxiety. Yes, it’s real and affects many across the world. The conditions usually exist if you are suffering from an eating disorder or body image issues. But on the brighter side, it is curable if dealt with patience and commitment. Let’s now learn something about how to heal and rebuild your relationship with exercise. Just a small warning, there is a lot of unlearning that you would need to do.

Simple Tips To Rebuild Your Relationship With Workout And Exercise

Rebuilding your relationship with exercise is not so much about going to the gym and getting into a workout routine as it is about cultivating healthy eating habits and moving away from the pressure and guilt we have had with respect to not exercising. You need to get to a point where you love your body enough to move it to make it feel good and energetic! That is the first change you need to make and here are the tips that would help you do that.

  • Reflect On What Makes You Feel Good

It’s important to enjoy what you are doing, otherwise, why are you even doing it? For exercise to feel good and be sustainable it needs to be fun and something you enjoy. If you hate a full-body workout at the gym then don’t go for it. If you are someone who likes being closer to nature or outdoor workouts then go for a run or jog because when you enjoy what you are doing then there are chances that you would develop a habit sooner than later.

  • Focus On The ‘Why’

You need to ask yourself why you want to indulge in a gym workout or an outdoor exercise routine. What is the real reason why you want to work out? Is it because you enjoy it? Because your body feels great while you are doing it? Or is it because you feel that you feel guilty when you don’t and there is constant pressure to exercise because if you don’t then you won’t look your best? Understanding your motive and the real reason behind working out would help in the longer run. It would help you on tough days.

  • Have Patience

You must have heard ‘The key to success is patience and perseverance and that is as true as it gets. The thing is, going would get difficult every once in a while and if you don’t give up on your workout routine during those days, it’s only then that you have conquered your fears and actually take a step towards repairing your relationship with exercise. You need to have patience with yourself, and your body and slowly understand what works for you and what makes you feel good, and what does not.

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