How to Leverage Instagram for Business in 2021

In order to remain current, businesses must keep up with the changing trends of social media as well as the way users use it. Make the most of the strengths and features of every social media platform. One of the platforms being a big hit to come into 2020 is Instagram.


It’s the second-highest rated social media platform, second only to Facebook and this isn’t all. Eighty-three percent of Instagram users report that they find new products or services via Instagram. In deep thinkings, you can also Buy facebook Page likes Malaysia for gaining a high repute in this matter.


Naturally, we’ve talked about Instagram in the MobileMonkey blog about growth marketing previously — the most well-known commercial accounts on Instagram and how to create an Instagram Messenger chatbot to use on Instagram and much more However, the truth is that Instagram changes frequently and has grown significantly over the past year.


Instagram Business Account in contrast to. Personal Instagram Profile


Before we go deep, let’s cover key basics. The first step in developing strategies to utilize Instagram as a business tool is to establish an Instagram business account.


How can you tell the difference between a private Instagram page as opposed to the business version of an Instagram corporate account?


The benefits of having an account for business is that you can access features that personal accounts do not come with.


A few of these features are:


  • Instagram insights


  • Instagram Ads


Effectively displayed contact information


If you already have an Instagram company account then you’re aware you can take advantage of additional features. Such as the ability to effectively display contact details without having to put it all in the bio of your Instagram bio.


Your bio is completely free to provide efficient content that will increase results in search and bring you more followers and also make them feel connected to your content.


Your bio is completely free to provide optimized content that can drive results in search. And bring you more followers, and also get them to engage with your content.


1. Instagram Bio Basics


There is no doubt that it is essential to provide the most essential details about your company.


It is important to include your business’s name, what your company does and perhaps a catchy line that reflects your brand’s character (something which can be replicated on your posting).


Utilizing emojis using emojis in your Instagram bio adds some spice to your bio and give your profile and you more character.


Like you see many profiles make use of emojis in the form of a bullet list.  To ensure they can present information in a visually appealing manner.


Another method to show your the personality of your character and increase engagement is to use hashtags in your bio.



This is a great method to collect user-generated content on your site.


2. Clickable Link in Instagram Bio


A key element that makes up your Instagram profile is the URL.


This URL is clickable that will be prominently displayed beneath your profile.


You might be thinking “how do I decide what one link to include in my bio URL if I’m using Instagram for business?”


The positive news?


There is no need to make a choice!


If you’re using an application like Linktree it is possible to include Linktree’s Linktree address in your Instagram bio.


It will take users who click the URL to the relevant link list that you can also include your site, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else your company is looking to display!


3. Update, Update, Update Your Instagram Bio


Regularly updating your bio with new information and CTAs keep your profile fresh and draws people to your latest products, information or services.


For instance, you could alter your bio’s clickable links whenever something new is introduced.


Change your hashtags’ branding to something fresh every once in a while and you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunities to curate content from users and get your followers excited and engaged, as well as increase brand recognition.


The bio can also be an ideal place to promote any promotional events you are conducting for your business to reach out to more people. And also get your Instagram users to adopt your services or products.