How to Involve Your Teams? 5 tips for managers

The involvement of teams at work is a sine qua non for operational efficiency and company performance. Here are 5 tips for managers to successfully involve their teams in the daily life of the company.

  1. Develop a bond of trust and respect

Above all, it is important that the manager manages to create a relationship of trust and mutual respect with his teams. This is a prerequisite for ensuring the commitment and motivation of employees.

The manager must therefore demonstrate certain essential qualities to gain the trust of his employees, such as a sense of leadership, listening, humility, exemplarity, natural authority, emotional intelligence, optimism.

By being guided by an inspiring, charismatic, and exemplary leader, employees will naturally be more involved and motivated to achieve the objectives set.

H2 – 2. Ensuring well-being at work

Logically, a fulfilled employee will be much more productive and engaged.

To involve employees, it is therefore essential to ensure a good quality of life at work. This notably involves:

  • A good balance between professional and personal life,
  • A comfortable work environment conducive to concentration and productivity,
  • A positive and caring working atmosphere,
  • Fair working conditions (salaries aligned with the level of responsibilities, correct working hours, paid holidays, etc.),
  • Good team cohesion and a spirit of mutual aid,
  • Prospects for professional development,
  • An open and benevolent dialogue,
  1. Giving meaning to work

The loss of meaning in work is one of the main causes of disengagement among employees. This is why it is up to the manager to transmit to his teams a strong, engaging, and meaningful common vision. Line managers must also share the values and corporate culture with their employees on a daily basis 5 tips for managers.

In addition, it is important to set clear and realistic objectives so as not to discourage your team with vague or unattainable directives.

  1. Implement participatory management

The lean management style put in place by the manager plays a central role in team involvement. To boost commitment, participatory management (also called collaborative management) is undoubtedly the most effective.

With this type of management, the employees are strongly involved in every aspect of the life of the company: the operational missions but also the strategic decision-making and the phases of reflection.

This mode of management aims to empower and strengthen autonomy and initiative. It promotes commitment, motivation, a sense of belonging, but also collective intelligence and a sense of innovation.

In addition, participative M&A advisor is horizontal management which places the members of the company at the same level, breaks with hierarchical codes, and promotes cross-functional communication.

  1. Create sources of motivation

To involve your teams in the work, it will be very beneficial to set up motivation levers.

For example, the manager can set up a reward system to enhance individual performance. A bonus, additional leave, gift vouchers, etc.

It is also important to ensure the professional development of teams. And to help employees develop their skills and achieve their career goals.