How to Avoid a Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Card

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How to Avoid a Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine for your child may be illegal and risk legal repercussions. This article will discuss the ramifications of receiving a fake vaccination card for COVID-19, as well as the legal ramifications of such activity. Read on to learn more. You might be surprised to learn that it is illegal to obtain a fake vaccination card for your child! There are several things you should consider when purchasing these vaccines.


A fake COVID-19 vaccination record card can be made using a computer, or purchased and altered with fake information. These cards may contain the date of vaccination, vaccine information, and even a second vaccination. Some people have used fake COVID-19 vaccination records to gain access to medical facilities. Possession of such a document is a crime. The FBI urges all health care providers to check vaccination records thoroughly.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers continue to focus on protecting American lives. A recent operation in Cincinnati led to the seizure of five shipments of fake vaccination cards, including 2,034 fake Pfizer inoculation stickers. These counterfeit cards were printed with subpar printing and CDC logos. Moreover, the shipments were imported into private residences. Despite the severity of the situation, authorities are still working to identify the source of the shipments.

Fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards

Federal Customs and Border Protection officers have been targeting websites that sell counterfeit COVID-19 vaccination cards. Selling such cards is a federal crime, and could land you in federal prison. There are many signs that you’re being scammed, but here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. First, avoid paying more than the actual cost of vaccination. While the actual vaccination is free, you should never give fake COVID-19 vaccination cards to anyone.

A Long Island nurse has been arrested for conspiracy to defraud HHS and forgery. She was allegedly hired at a private medical clinic and ordered fake COVID-19 vaccination cards. She mailed the fake vaccination cards to a private address. The individual subsequently destroyed the fake vaccination card after receiving it. After the incident, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office was able to track down the individual who purchased the fake vaccination cards.


Having a fake vaccination card is not a very good idea for several reasons. Not only is this illegal under federal law, but you may also be exposing yourself to criminal liability. If you are caught in possession of one, you must contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. You must also keep in mind that some fake cards are homemade, making them even more dangerous. Thousands of fake cards were recently found in shipments coming from China, and U.S. customs officials confiscated these fakes. Also, they have appeared on dozens of online forums.

Recently, reports of potentially fraudulent vaccination cards have increased exponentially. Moreover, HHS is now asking for proof of vaccination more frequently. The Office of Inspector General of HHS has received numerous tips, both from the public hotline and regional offices. The federal agencies are attempting to crack down on such fraud but the lack of enforcement is discouraging more people from purchasing fake vaccine cards. To that end, the Miami couple has been punished and this will serve as a warning for others to avoid purchasing fake vaccine cards.

Legal repercussions

A fake vaccination card can lead to serious legal repercussions for the person who creates it. It can be a federal crime or a state crime depending on the jurisdiction. While penalties are often harsher, the amount of punishment depends on the severity of the crime, and the extent of harm caused. Regardless of where the fake vaccination card originated, it can be illegal to possess or sell it. This can lead to significant financial penalties and even prison time.

It is illegal to sell a fake vaccination card because it’s a federal crime. It’s illegal to use the federal seal and logo on a document, including a vaccination card. And forging the CDC seal on a real vaccination card is punishable by up to five years in prison. Even editing a legitimate vaccination card can lead to felony forgery charges. In addition to criminal penalties, you could also face school or university expulsion.

Etsy, pro-Trump forums

Recently, Connecticut police seized a number of fake vaccination cards at an anti-vaccine rally. But it’s not only physical stores that are the problem, with vendors selling illegal fake vaccination IDs on Etsy and pro-Trump forums. In the dark web, pro-Trump and Q-Anon groups also post instructions for forging vaccination cards. The problem is getting worse, with more people buying the fakes than ever.

Fake Covid-19 vaccination cards circulate on anti-vaccine and pro-Trump forums, where users get specific instructions on cardstock thickness and labels. In a recent report, the FBI said creating fake vaccination cards is illegal and encouraged social distancing by wearing masks. It is not clear how the cards spread, but it’s a growing concern for public health. Whether these tactics are a deliberate attempt to mislead others is another matter.

Dark web

Using the Dark Web to buy and sell fake vaccination cards has been an increasing trend. A recent Check Point Research study found that advertisements for fake vaccination cards have increased by 257% over the past three months. In addition, the group’s followership has grown by 566%, well beyond a million. In addition, many of the sellers tout their freedom of work and how they have verified their cards with official databases. People can also contact these vendors via WhatsApp, Wickr, or Telegram. Payment can be made with PayPal or cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

A recent cybersecurity report found that counterfeit Covid-19 vaccines are being sold on the dark web. These vaccines can cost up to $500 per dose. The dark web is a popular place for these products, and a number of the top vendors can be found through chat apps such as WhatsApp, Wickr, and Telegram. It is easy to buy the fake vaccines, and the price is so cheap, it’s tempting to fall for the scam.