Home Decor in the USA

The home decor in the USA is divided into two major groups. One group is those who believe in “tradition” and adhere to the traditional forms of decor like china, tiles, furniture, rugs, tapestries, wall hangings, etc. This group also includes antique collectors who look for authentic antiques from different cultures like China, India, Persia, etc. The other group is made up of those who believe in new and modern styles. Modernists used new materials, colors, and designs and made home decor based on that.

Nowadays many Americans opt for either one or the other. Some prefer the traditional form of decor because they feel it suits them better but some are ready to experiment with something new. This is one of the reasons why there is such a variety of home decor in the US. There are interior designers, decorators, homeowners, architects, and more. The diversity is very much present.

Choose a Style Based on Their Personality

One can choose a style based on their personality. For some, contemporary is best while for others country is better. A person can stick to his or her taste and go in for something which is right for them. It is important to find out what fits you the best and then move ahead. The good news is that the styles have changed. You no longer have to be an antique collector or a chinaware expert to make a difference in your living space. Home decor in the USA has gone online. There are many websites that offer ideas from various designers and let you choose from a variety of designs too.

There is no question about the fact that interior designers and decorators are an elite class whose influence over the buyers of homes can easily be established. Their ideas are meant for the elite classes of the US and they have nothing to do with the common man. You must be very particular about the color and theme of the room which you want to decorate. Home decor in the USA is like a culture. The US culture has its own language and hence each state is represented by a specific style of the house.

Different Houses in Different Regions

The houses in the Deep South are different from the ones in the Northern region. The houses in the Pacific Northwest are different from those in the Midwest. Each region represents its own aspect of home decoration. This is reflected in the furniture, lighting, wallpaper, and other accessories as well.

Home decor in the USA is also influenced by the clothes people wear. That is the reason for which we see so many accent chairs and loveseats in the living room. We may not all wear these but everyone has something in common. There are some items which are common in almost every room. The furniture which is used to accentuate home decor is called furniture. In America, home decor has become popular and there are many showrooms where you can get ideas on how to decorate your home. You can use home decor magazine as a great guide for home decor. Also, remember that each person has their own style. For this reason, home decor in the USA does not represent one type of style but each style can be represented by a few pieces of furniture.

Types of Furnitures

The type of furniture which you may need depends upon the style of home you want to construct. The furniture may consist of a sofa, love seat, loveseat, chair, and dining table. Home decor in the USA also shows a trend towards using antiques. So pieces of furniture like coffee tables, desks, and book stands may be found in antique shops. The home decor in the USA is very eclectic; it mixes and matches most things from different styles. There is a large amount of homemade furniture. It is called country-style home decor. If you have this kind of home decor then your furniture would be mostly made out of wood like oak, walnut, and beech.

The antiques and homemade home decors in the USA also give a country feel to the home decor. You can decorate your home according to this style. It would also be much cheaper if you use antique furniture than getting new ones. You can buy old bookshelves, vases, pictures, figurines, lamps, and carpets from thrift stores. Home decor in the USA also includes the various rugs and carpets which give a country feel to the home.