Get Paid to Write Articles – Smart Guidelines New Writers Can Follow

Article writing is becoming one of the best ways to earn. Some people have really good skills in creative writing and they get paid to write articles. They can write about different topics as well. Some people even like to write about themselves. You can see the column section in newspapers, and magazines for getting an idea about this. So this hobby of writing can be used as a profession as well. If you have exceptional writing skills, don’t ever think about wasting them. You can instead polish your career as a professional writer. You can do this job, as a full, or part-time worker too.

There are many experts who remain confused about having a career in writing. If you have another job opportunity, it is best to continue that job. You can start article writing as a hobby, or a part-time job. It’s entirely up to you. Yet if you want to switch jobs, that can be difficult for you. A career in article writing can be a tough way to earn money. But once you get the core points of writing, you can get paid to write articles as well.

Two Basic Demands

Before you start your career as a writer, you need to grasp smart guidelines related to it. You are supposed to be very clear in your track as well. First of all, you have to see valuable websites where you can work, and earn money. Some of the most trustworthy, and famous websites are given below;

  • com Index
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Free up
  • WorknHire
  • Problogger
  • Freelancer
  • Freelance Writing
  • Guru
  • Writer’s Labs
  • The Academic Papers UK

And the second most important aspect of a writing career is focusing on the niche. You have to see what niche you have expertise is. You earn money when the client is satisfied with your work. In the same way, the quality of content makes your worth in the market. Working on a niche in which you have the expertise, can lead you towards a high-profit rate. It helps you in adding your name to a list of credible writers. This way, you reduce the chances of risk, and the rate of freelancing opportunities increases as well. Getting paid to write articles increases the level of satisfaction and confidence within you. But in the case of freelancing, you have to put in loads of effort. This is because it takes a long time to build a successful profile.

Job Type for Article Writing

For article writing, there are many office-based, as well as remote jobs. You can work for some organization, or you can go for freelancing as well. In freelancing, you’re not supposed to work under someone. You have to deal with the clients yourself. For office jobs and remote work, your search type differs. For an in-office job, you have to go to well-reputed organizations in your city or country. Whereas in the case of remote jobs, location does not matter at all. Getting paid to write articles works effectively if you work remotely. In remote work, you do not have to pay travel rent. This way you can save a big chunk of your salary. But everything has its pros, as well as cons. So if you go for an office job, you’ll get more chances to learn, and explore.

Similarly, you can go for fixed, or Flexi-type jobs as per your ease. In a fixed-type job, you’re supposed to work within a particular time range. It can be in the morning, or evening shift. While in the case of the Flexi type of job, you’re provided with deadlines. Now it depends on you, and how you schedule work. You are free to set time and work at your pace.

Best Platform for Article Writing

Here some valuable platforms are given below that can be used in this context;

  • Literary Magazine.
  • Creative Writer/Contributor to magazines/Content Creation Websites.
  • Content Writer.
  • Publishing House.
  • Create your own blog, and monetize it.

Let’s discuss these best, and most reputable platforms that can assist you if you want to get paid to write articles.

Literary Magazine

With the literary magazine, you can work on the front end, as well as on the back end. In the frontend aspect, you can join editor, reader, or content teams. Whereas on the backend, you can write articles. It covers various writing topics. For example, all trending news. Recently Covid-19 has created so much hype. And now Omicron is trending. In short, writing articles on this type of trendy topic is the task of a literary magazine. Same as it covers different political topics, essays, poems, and life stories.

Getting paid to write articles in literary magazines assists you in having good general knowledge. Here you will get a competitive market salary too. The job nature is remote, and you can select the niche of your choice here as well. At the literary magazine, you are entertained with fixed, as well as Flexi hours. The type of working hours depends on your task. Another best thing about this platform is that the level of risk is low here.

Article creation websites

You can get paid when it comes to writing articles for content-creation websites. Here when you write, and your work goes for publication, it increases your credibility as a writer. In the market, you make a name through the quality of your content. Also, there are many websites that work for current issues only. This is because they want content on trendy topics only. What’s life and Scroll also belong to such platforms. It can be related to the latest movie or tweet of a celebrity. In such a topic, you need to be very careful about linking the sentences with each other. Your main purpose is to engage your audience. For this, you can join national, or international platforms as well. Examples include Call for pitches and Meher Mirza. Furthermore, it includes the following websites;

  • Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • My Writing Master. in
  • Project Guru. in
  • SEO Content Online
  • The Professional Writers

Final Thoughts

Getting paid to write articles is the main concern of each writer. If you have finalized to start it as a profession, then you should start working on your portfolio. In your portfolio, highlight all the write-ups only. But please don’t ignore it at all. On social media, keep finding better opportunities. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn make your profile and follow reputable writing platforms. Or you can make your own page over there as well. This way, you can ensure better networking that will assist you in the long-term aspect. Start working from smaller writing platforms, and keep adding them to your portfolio. In the same way, be careful about the niche. All these aspects will help you in getting paid to write articles in the best way.