Fragrances create a long-term effect on travelling memories.

When you think of the five senses, your mind can go straight to seeing. Maybe you’re a “foodie” who thinks with your gut first and puts taste above your senses. However, you will be surprised to learn how important a sense of smell is to your daily choices, feelings, and memories.


Anyone making decisions about corporate décor should always keep the factory experience of a room in mind. Smells, both attractive and off-site, can make a significant difference in a retail store with guests, in a hotel lobby with guests, or an office with guests and staff.


The fragrance evokes strong emotions and concepts for the majority of us. It can leave you right in an instant, a feeling or a reminder of where you were when you first smelled it, just as music can. A fragrance can be so deeply identified with who you are and how you want them to see you and even remember it as becoming part of your identity.


And like a radical haircut, a new fragrance often coincides with a significant personal change. When I look at my collection of perfumes, it’s like listening to a fragrant soundtrack of my life. If you want to purchase beautiful fragrances at a discounted price from Jomashop, you can try out Jomashop Coupon.

Effects of Fragrances on Travelling Memories


A perfume is a chemical particle that enters through the nose and reaches the olfactory bulbs of the brain, where it is processed in a form that the brain can take. The information is then transferred from the brain cells to the amygdala, a small part of the brain where emotions run, and then to the hippocampus, where learning and memory are formed.


According to several studies, the material while smelling increases the vitality and intensity of monumental knowledge when you smell it again. Perfume is a technique I use in my business and write to help me create a more realistic fantasy world.


The smell of the ocean, for example, always relaxes and brings a smile to my face. It reminds me of my father, who is a great admirer of the sea and taught my brothers and me to set sail.


Smells are the only senses that move so quickly in the emotional and memory areas of the brain. All other senses pass through the thalamus, an area of the brain that acts as a “telephone cable” and transmits information about what we see, hear, and feel to the rest of the brain, according to John McGann, an associate professor of psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey.


Smells, on the other hand, bypass the thalamus and reach the amygdala and hippocampus in a “synapse or two,” he says.


Fragrance and Memory:

The fragrance is the sensation most strongly associated with the memory of all senses. According to studies, people can remember a fragrance with an accuracy of 65 percent after a year, while their visual memory decreases to 50 percent after a few months.


The fragrances we encounter have a significant impact on how we remember and connect with memories and places. Have you ever caught a fragrance of something that instantly puts you in memory of the past?


A special fragrance enters your mind and stays there, whether it reminds you of your mother’s kitchen or a trip to the beach.


Fragrance and Travel Memory:

Travel is the most important part of our life. Daily we travel for so many reasons like for vacations, business, studies and much more. Then in this travel, the fragrance is the strongest emotion that helps to remember our travel journey.


We never forget the fragrance of beautiful fields and flowers. Moreover, every place has its smell, and we can easily guess that place very easily through its smell. We got fragrance permanently on our nerves, therefore we never forget that moment.


Fragrance and Emotions:

Our emotions are directly linked to our reactions and or memory. And this is also true that fragrance also leaves an immense effect on our emotions. Did you know that a sense of smell has a significant impact on the emotions we experience daily? The way we relate to places and businesses is influenced by our emotions. Dr. Alan Hirsch has conducted numerous studies on how smell affects human behavior.


In an interview with Men’s Health, Dr. Hirs observed that the area of the brain that smells and tests is part of the emotional brain where our personality is.


Every person has a different taste and likings, some people like sweet and soft smell whereas some people like heavy and strong smell. So, choosing a perfume is your own choice. But nature has its fragrance. Every city, every street, or you can say that every place has its different smell, so we remember that specific place.