Features of Using Scan Pay Payment Option

Digital payment methods have become the new normal. Following the global pandemic and lockdown, most shops encourage digital payments in the current events. As a result, online payments that involve the scan pay option have become the most widely preferred payment method. Today, QR code payments are accepted in almost every shop- from supermarkets to medical, dairy, and stationaries. Let’s understand this payment model in detail:

Defining QR Code

QR or the Quick Response codes are similar to the traditional barcodes. The only differences are that QR codes are two-dimensional and store a vast amount of data than the traditional barcode. The code consists of a white background with black barcodes or squares arranged in a square grid. Users can read the codes using a QR code scanner or with the primary camera of their smartphone. 

What are the Characteristics of QR codes?

The main characteristic of the QR code is the set of three squares placed in the three corners- upper right, upper left, and lower left. The size of the matrix varies, and the bigger the size of the matrix, the more information it contains and vice versa. QR codes with a bigger matrix can store over 4,000 alphanumeric characters. Being two-dimensional, QR can be scanned from any direction.

Functioning of the Scan Pay Payment Option

The most striking feature of the scan pay system is that it offers easy transaction processes to the users. As a customer, you need to scan the specific QR code and enter the required amount to transfer. Once it is successful, you will find the amount deducted from your account. It is the easiest method of paying, as you do not require any swiping machines, entering the mobile numbers or the account details of the particular merchant.

Operating the Scan Pay Feature

To use the scan pay feature, you need to have a smartphone with a camera. Now open the mobile payment application and follow the steps to register yourself and link your bank accounts. Then, open the application and scan the QR code displayed at the checkout point of the shop. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code present on the invoice the merchant provided you.

Benefits of Using Scan Pay Payment Feature

Enlisted are the benefits of using the scan pay payment option.

  • On spot payments

Besides facilitating instant payment, payment through QR codes can be extremely quick than other methods. You just need to open the mobile application using which you want to pay and scan the QR code. After confirming the payment processing, the receiver receives the payment within seconds. 

  • Saves overhead costs

If a merchant has a QR code and wants his customers to scan pay using the code, he reduces his overhead costs, as he does not require purchasing third-party hardware such as a POS machine. Although mPOS is cost-effective than physical POS, it involves some costs in the form of purchasing, training, and maintenance. On the other hand, payment through QR is a complete turnover, as the merchant only needs to have a scannable QR either on screen or on paper.

  • Secured online payment

Opting for online payment through QR is extremely secure. As QR code is just a mode of exchanging information, one can encrypt the data transferred by the QR code. Furthermore, QR code payment minimizes data loss and security breaches.

  • Reliable solution

Since the scan pay method of payment eliminates the probability of causing errors, it stands as a foolproof payment method. Moreover, the boxes in a QR code have unique data responsible for enhancing the reliability of QR code payments.

 One of the main reasons these QR codes have become popular during uncertain times is that the scan to pay option encouraged social distancing and prevented the spread of the deadly disease. Moreover, customers and merchants can easily deal with the payments without entering the proximity. While giving mobile numbers and billers’ codes might lead to fraud, using the QR code eliminates this possibility. Furthermore, QR codes are easier to generate, and customers do not require any additional device other than a smartphone with a camera for paying for the commodities. Because of all these benefits, this payment method is favored the most.


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