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Embedded SaaS Analytics Tool for Your Businesses Growth

Embedded SaaS Analytics Tool helps product teams create analytics and reporting modules for their SaaS applications. These modules allow users to quickly explore data contained within the software as well as from external sources.

Unlike BI software, embedded analytics keeps users in the application they use daily, allowing them to get information easily and fast. This positive user experience can lead to higher engagement and retention.


GoodData is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that combines, analyzes, and visualizes internal and external data to help businesses make smarter decisions. It uses data-driven best practices to provide a wide range of visualizations that present information in an easily-digestible format.

It also offers a variety of dashboard templates for business fields such as marketing, sales, and customer service. These can help businesses understand how their clients respond to advertising, media campaigns, and social networking sites. They can even track negative or positive feedback.

The software is fairly priced and can be customized according to the needs of each user. It also integrates with a wide range of apps and service providers to let data flow seamlessly in the corporate software ecosystem.

In addition to analyzing operational data, GoodData also provides essential marketing analytics that will help you understand your client’s buying habits, boost the return on investment of multi-touch nurture campaigns and link your company’s advertising expenses to revenue. It also helps you be more decisive and budget resources efficiently.


One of the most useful features of GoodData is its email collaboration. Which allows users to share their findings with others in the company. It also lets them keep up with data lineage visibility and source system ownership throughout the pipeline.

Its drag-and-drop interface enables technical and business users to create interactive charts and dashboards without involving the IT department. The platform supports iFrame or Web Components for fast and simple embedding. Its React SDK enables native integration and custom data applications.

The software offers a Free plan that allows you to integrate your third-party data warehouses or upload CSVs to the platform. It also gives you five workspaces and 100 MB of storage space per workspace. Its Growth plan costs $20 per workspace and includes everything that is in the Free plan plus additional functionality like data warehousing.

The GoodData platform has a strong user base, and it is a great choice for organizations looking to add data analytics to their existing products. Its embedded SaaS Analytics Tool is customizable and can be embedded into any SaaS application or web portal. Its UI is intuitive, and it is easy to use. In addition, its dashboards can be customized to match your brand’s look and feel.

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a business intelligence and data visualization software tool that helps users to create personalized dashboards, analytics workflows, and reports from their devices. It also offers flexible connectivity and data integration. It has a touch-based interface and responsive design and supports companies of all sizes and industry verticals.

The platform is designed to empower everyone in an organization to gain insight from the corporate data regardless of their role or skill set. It also allows users to connect and integrate with any data source in real time. It can be used on any device with a touch-based interface and responsive design.

With Dundas BI, you can customize the user interface and embed data views using CSS styling and full scripting. It’s a fully programmable and easy-to-use platform that can be customized by regular as well as advanced end-users.

Embedded SaaS Analytics Tool

Dundas BI is an enterprise-level business intelligence, dashboard, and data analytics solution that enables businesses to analyze any data to make real-time, data-driven decisions. It also provides a smart design experience and a variety of layouts and visualization options to help users create pixel-perfect dashboards.

It has intuitive and easy-to-use tools that allow standard business users as well as advanced business power users to create ad hoc queries, dashboards, and reports without any help from IT. These tools include drag-and-drop visual data discovery, metric sets and hierarchies, data connectors, data cubes, and much more.

Visualization platform

In addition to these features, the platform offers predictive Embedded SaaS Analytics Tools. It provides users with a wide range of business metrics and performance indicators to better understand their operations and improve efficiencies. It can be integrated with a wide range of data sources, and its scalable architecture can be used for on-premises or cloud deployment.

TEC’s Dundas BI Features List Report highlights its robust data integration capabilities, which include submodules and individual features that allow organizations to ingest, aggregate, and cleanse data in order to make better business decisions based on operational data.

Moreover, Dundas BI has a broader set of reporting and analysis capabilities than the average competitor, including a strong module for formatting and a robust data visualization platform that enables users to take a comprehensive look at their operational datasets in detail. With this information, businesses can better allocate labor and other resources as demand fluctuates.

JReport by Logi Analytics

JReport by Logi Analytics is an embedded SaaS analytics tool that offers self-service ad hoc reporting. It helps users discover and analyze data, compare charts, tables, and other components, and share insights. Designed to be installed on web and mobile devices and can be easily deployed into a variety of software systems.

It is an excellent solution for companies that need a business intelligence tool that can be used by different people in the company. It has an easy-to-use interface and is available on the cloud or on-premises.

The tool enables businesses to find, organize and understand their data so that they can make data-informed decisions. It also provides a robust modeling layer to describe and transform raw data.

In addition, it can be used to create reports from scratch using a visual design environment. It has a range of formats, including Applet, HTML, PDF, Excel, XML, and RTF.

It also supports multiple outputs, such as Page Report Result and Web Report Result, so that different users can get the information they need. This is compatible with any application that supports Java and works with all standard browsers, e-mail, and enterprise/workgroup printers.


For more than 17 years, Logi has been providing an embedded BI platform for developers and companies to embed dashboards and reports in their applications. It has helped more than ten thousand organizations across the world to embed reporting and visualization capabilities in their applications.

JReport is a powerful reporting and ad hoc analysis solution that can be integrated into any Java application. It can be managed, shared, and scheduled, and it provides a high-performance engine that can handle all workloads.

This system can be used by commercial software (OEM) and system integrators who want to add reporting and ad hoc reporting functionality to their desktop, online, SaaS, or mobile products. It can be configured to connect to a variety of data sources. A 14-line report engine that is compatible with any database or database server.

It also features a visual design environment that is similar to Microsoft Office. That enables users to build reports using a WYSIWYG approach, which makes it simple to use and can be modified without coding. It also supports multitenant architecture, clustering, pixel-perfect layouts, banded layouts, and smart pagination to deliver highly customized reports.


Embedded SaaS Analytics Tool

icCube is a business intelligence solution that enables users to analyze data in a single centralized system. It also provides a variety of tools to streamline the analytics process. It can connect to various data sources, including SQL, NoSQL, Google, Excel, and AWS.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to create and edit your dashboards with simple drag & drop. You can create visualizations that will enhance the user experience and help them make informed decisions. Moreover, you can create interactive charts that will allow your customers to explore the data in an intuitive way.

The icCube platform is based on Java and it supports a wide range of data sources, including JSON data. It also offers an advanced, multidimensional analysis server (MDX++) that streamlines the analytic procedure by fusing data from various sources. Moreover, icCube supports R integration and lets you craft your own widgets to increase the possibilities of online reporting.

Embedded analytics is one of the fastest-growing subcategories in the business intelligence market. This is because software execs are looking for faster and more scalable solutions that can be easily integrated into their applications.

In addition to being easy to use and affordable, embedded BI software solutions can meet your organization’s needs by offering functionality such as reporting, data visualization, and automation. They can also help you improve function-specific processes and boost your company’s productivity.

Business intelligence

Embedded SaaS Analytics Tool software should be easy to set up, secure, and technology-agnostic. It should also be responsive, which means it will be able to display the right information on any device. This will reduce the amount of development and administration time required to maintain it.

This is important for many businesses because it will save them a lot of money. It will also ensure that their employees will have an easier time accessing the information they need. It is also important to choose a business intelligence software that will be compatible with the specific industry and type of customers they have.

icCube is an in-memory multidimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) server that is written in Java. It combines a high-performance, real-time OLAP server with an ETL layer and a full reporting suite. It is specially designed for Big Data and it supports a wide spectrum of data sources and ETL tools. Moreover, it has a native Java and R integration which can be used to create advanced forecasting models.