You Should know Best Food in the USA

In Europe, many people say that the best food in America is French food. But what is the real thing? What is the genuine American recipe and how do you make one for yourself?

There are other kinds of food in the USA as well. Read:

Top Ten Best Italian Restaurants in European Nations. Hot dogs sizzling on golden plates, battered and fried to perfection, smores oozing grease – all these make for some of the best comfort food in the land. And then there is fried chicken, so crispy it is like fat, which incidentally is not from America.

Another kind of American favorite is Cajun food. Creole sauce made with flour, pepper, vinegar, onions, and garlic, is a close relative of modern Cajun cooking and is now very popular all over the world. It makes the best New Orleans-style seafood gumbo, as well as being a close relative of the classic gumbo. The best New Orleans restaurants are by default the best foodie places.

French fries

But then, there is good news. Americans can claim much of the credit for inventing some of the most popular foods here, even if they did not originate here. Take French fries, for instance. The first reference to deep-fried French fries came from a man called Robert Benchley in clear Omaha, Nebraska. He came up with the idea while vacationing in southern France, and brought the fryer back home.

No American dish can be considered truly American unless it comes from the New York area. Indeed, part of what makes New York City the most popular cultural center and dining spot in the United States is the enormous regional cuisine that has been created here over the last few centuries. Italian, Spanish, German, and Jewish cuisines all have roots here, and the majority of people in this country have some connection to this rich regional food history. One of the things that have helped to preserve this heritage is the region’s reputation as one of the best food regions in the world. It was named such by the US Department of Agriculture, which has selected it as one of the 50 best food regions in the world.

San Francisco

Another important factor in the rank of the best food in the US is that the number of restaurants in the region has boomed over the past few decades. San Francisco and its neighboring areas continue to enjoy a strong customer base, and new restaurant openings continue to add to the selection. In fact, many of the best American restaurants in San Francisco were founded by immigrants who made a home here first and then pursued culinary careers in the city. Many of these restaurants are family-owned, too, so the culture is very different from that of many other American cities. The fact that this eastern coast city has such a strong community of ethnic Chinese, Asian, and Latin American restaurants is another testament to this.

American restaurants

One of the most popular American restaurants around is Pure, which has been in the Mission District of San Francisco for more than 20 years. This highly regarded restaurant offers a wide range of Mediterranean, ethnic, and naturalist dishes, and many of the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Many of the fresh vegetables and fish used in Pure’s meals were grown locally, and the chef/owner John Linden employs local ingredients whenever possible. For many customers, this goes back to the basics of American cuisine: freshly produced, often organic foods. In fact, many of the dishes in Pure are inspired by the local produce markets that are located in close proximity to the restaurant.

New Dishes

In addition to these two restaurants, there are many other places in San Francisco, especially in the Tenderloin district, where you can experience new types of American dishes. It is not unusual to walk into a Chinese, Japanese, or even Indian restaurant, and taste a completely different cuisine than you would at any given restaurant in San Francisco. Even some of the dishes in this new generation of American restaurants are influenced by regional flavors from other parts of the country or from different parts of the world.