America’s Best Foods for Your Bucket List

There are so many kinds of food in the USA. And of course, you will come across lots of different kinds of people and lots of different cultures as well. So what are the best foods in the USA? Read: Best American Foods of All Time

Hot dogs.

Nothing really enhances a baseball game or a summer cookout better than a fresh-cut, hot dog. No wonder San Francisco is known as the city that never sleeps. Hot dogs are one of the best foods in the USA cuisine. The original gourmet San Francisco dog was created in Pier 1 downtown and has now spread all over California, and even into other parts of the country (not to mention the rest of the world).

Crab cakes.

The dish called crab cakes is probably the one that started the ” crabs and honey” craze that’s still alive and kicking in San Francisco. In a city where it rains like crazy, the Bay Area residents have managed to make some good crabs cake. You can buy crab cakes at any place that specializes in seafood, but there is a special place where you will find the best crab cakes in California. The restaurant chain Golden Gate closes down most of the year, but they bring in the crowds when they come back from vacation, and the clam chowder is almost as good as the restaurant is. The chowder is made with leftover crab meat that’s been slow-roasted in vinegar.

Good solid vegetarian food.

If you’re looking for vegetables that are good to eat, check out the list of the best food in the US. On this list, you’ll find lots of different Asian foods that most Americans have never heard of. There are Chinese food, Korean food, Indian food, Spanish tapas, and Thai food, just to name a few.

New Orleans.

There isn’t a cuisine in the entire United States that can compete with the New Orleans cuisine. If you’ve never been to New Orleans, you need to go. Forget about trying to find trogs on the Cajun side of town, because if you do, you will be eating with the locals and you will be very unhappy with your results.


This is a classic food from New England. The word itself means “fishcakes”, but in this case, it’s best used in its literal sense: “fishcakes baked with vegetables and olives”. Pierogies come in a number of different styles, but the ingredients and techniques are the same. Fish eggs are often used as a flavoring for this dish, and the name “pig eggs” was given to the type of batter that could be used. Pierogies can also be fried, grilled, served as sandwiches, and even sauteed.

Ethnic Foods.

This category consists of cuisines and ingredients from around the world. While we have plenty of ethnic cuisines to choose from, there are a few very common ingredients in all ethnic cuisines, which make them easy to pair with almost any American dish.


If you are looking for a good Caribbean dish, this is it. Plantains are starchy bread-like grains that are cooked in oil. Some of the more common plantain ingredients include beans, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, rice, plantains themselves, garlic, and salt.

Soul Food.

A number one recipe on our list of favorite dishes in the south is southern soul food. This cuisine originated in the antebellum south, and its traditional ingredients and style remain similar today. Typical soul food dishes include collard greens, beans, potatoes, okra, corn, chicken, and most importantly, shrimp. The most popular side dish is often fried fish.

American Food Culture.

This bucket-list food is something everyone in America has enjoyed at least once. This is the most diverse food culture in the United States, and American foods come in an incredible array of flavors and textures. From the sweet to the savory, from the simple to the exotic, from the bold to the rustic, American foods have something for everyone. From frozen blueberries to fried pigs’ knuckles, you will find something in America to love.

This was our list of America’s greatest foods. So what are you waiting for? Jump into the kitchen, grab a pair of utensils, and start planning your next great American meal. Don’t forget, your best bets for the perfect meal are usually hot dogs, hamburgers, and southern fried chicken. Happy eating!