Air Spring Advantages and Disadvantages

When you hear the words air spring, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is a smooth and gentle ride. An air spring system gives a cushion between your car body and suspension to minimize the vibration commonly felt in driving. will describe air spring systems and talk about air suspension springs and their advantages and disadvantage. After reading it, you will have a better understanding of how they function. So let’s begin.

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What are air springs?


In air suspension systems, air springs, or airbags are also called air bellows. According to Wikipedia, air spring is the correct name.

An air spring is a rubber or fabric-filled reservoir of air in the form of rubber and fabric. People use it to support loads, isolate vibrations, shocks, and act as a pneumatic tube by expanding itself.

Car for off-road is an excellent example of air springs being applied. Rocky terrain and waters, and adventurous conditions like that ask for air springs. The rugged road conditions need manufacturers to produce air suspension solutions with various configurations and applications.


What is an air spring suspension system?


An air spring system replaces the steel coil springs or leaf springs with air springs above the vehicle wheels. An on-board air compressor inflates air into the air springs or airbags, creating a pressure that allows them to behave similarly to traditional springs. Air valves control the direction of airflow and allow air to flow into various parts of the system.


Where do we use air springs?


Air suspension is most commonly used to maintain a consistent driving experience. However, in certain cases, sports suspensions can also use an air suspension system. Air suspension can also replace a traditional steel spring suspension for heavier vehicles like trucks, tractor-trailers, and passenger buses.


An example: Air suspension in Mercedes-Benz (Airmatic)


If your vehicle needs something more than just an air spring and air suspension system, there are a few additional options available. Anti-lock brakes and other standard equipment are standard equipment on most Mercedes cars. However, some models such as the S-Class can be fitted with air suspension units. This gives the car a better ride, improving its safety and functionality.


Advantages of air spring system 

The two major advantages of air suspension are the reduction in ride height and an increase in traction. A heavier vehicle tends to have less grip on the road, and as a result, understeers and oversteers are common. This is especially noticeable on hilly terrain but can be experienced anywhere. To counter this problem an air suspension system can be fitted to your suspension to provide a firmer, gripper ride. It also helps lower the center of gravity of the vehicle which makes it more comfortable to steer and control. These systems do however have some disadvantages and are more suitable for lighter vehicles with less power.


Other advantages an air suspension system has:

  • The automatic control devices make the best use of the variable space for wheel deflection.
  • Vehicle altitude is constant so changes in the alignment of headlamps due to different loads can be avoided.
  • The spring rate is much lower between laden and unladen conditions than conventional steel springs.
  • Air springs provide a better standard of comfort and noise reduction, which reduces driver and passenger fatigue.


Disadvantages of air ride suspension system (costly)


There are two possible drawbacks to air spring installation. The first is related to air storage tanks and air compressor systems. If your vehicle comes with an air storage tank you may need to purchase a separate air spring system. Depending on how many air tanks you need, the cost could be high. In addition, air storage tanks can become very heavy.


Air Suspension System’s Disadvantages:

  • Higher costs. This includes the initial costs when you purchase one and maintenance costs when you need to replace one.
  • More space is needed when you install an air spring suspension in your car.
  • Road shocks are a reason why friction damping is not necessary.


Find an aftermarket air spring supplier that you can trust


Alternatively, air suspension can be added to older model vehicles that already come with standard suspensions. These can be expensive and restrict how far you can go. However, they still offer excellent performance and great comfort for long-distance drivers.


The products a good manufacturer provides should conform to these standards:

  • Less expensive and time-efficient when you replace it.
  • High-quality and reliable functions that meet or even exceed the OEM standards. (All components have been on-road tests.)
  • The entire design of the kit is light-weighted and compact.
  • All specifications and measurements are exactly the same as OEM parts. (There’s no need for any modifications before you have it installed)
  • The repair kit helps you regain the experience of driving a brand-new car just like the day you purchased it years ago.




Air spring systems with air springs offer drivers and passengers many benefits. However, there’re some drawbacks as well. Let’s recap what we’ve discussed above:

  • Air spring: Airbags or air bellows, replacing the conventional springs and completing the job more softly and smoothly.
  • Air spring suspension: It uses air springs instead of metal springs in the suspension system. The main purpose of this suspension system is to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Benefits that air springs bring: They offer adjustable height, less noise and vibrations, and more comfort and pleasure during the ride.
  • Drawbacks of the air suspension: It costs a lot of money.
  • Aftermarket solutions for your air spring suspension system: features good air spring repair kits have: Inexpensive, high quality, and easy to install.


If you have no idea what or where you should buy for your car’s air suspension system, visit Vigor Air Ride. This company will give you satisfied solutions for your air ride suspension.