7 Pro-Like Upholstery Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

When you buy new furniture the colour and style remains intact. Lack of proper care can result in wearing out and dullness of the upholstered furniture. Here we share some pro-like tips to retain the longevity of the furniture in its proper condition.

  1. Retaining the shape of the cushion

While sitting on the soft furnishing the press on cushion lets it lose the shape on time. It badly affects both on the comfort and furniture of the soft furniture. Soon, it starts transforming its shape due to the stretching of the fabric. But there are some proven ways to retain the lifespan and good condition of the upholstery.

Tips to take proper care of the cushions of the furniture

Flip and fluff furniture’s removable parts are important each time you do vacuuming. Change the places and rotate cushions if you feel the need. It prevents the upholstery from stuffing and wear and tear. Less-than-a-minute rule guarantee even and slow wearing ensuring good condition for long.

  1. Thorough and regular vacuuming of the upholstery

A lot of microbes, dust and dirt deposit on the upholstered furniture along with rugs and carpets over time. So your weekly cleaning regime must comprise of vacuuming to retain the furniture’s good condition. It will protect the fabric to prevent it from wearing out and dirt. Upholstery cleaning also protects the material from dirt and dust and tearing.

Tips to soft the furniture upholstery using vacuum

Attach the upholstery attachment on the vacuuming by replacing floor and carpet head. Then run it all over the surface of armchair and sofa. Its bristles are highly efficient in extraction of the dust and dirt particles which trapped in the materials and fabric.

Never miss to lift up the cushions and remove the parts to vacuum beneath. You should clean farthest corner, smallest spot and tough-to-reach spots as well including folds. These are imperative as dust and dirt easily settle into the spots declining the fabric quality over the course of time lessening its lifespan.

Many people think that vacuuming is not important for faux leather and leather furniture. But vacuuming is equally significant for leather upholstery as well as dirt and dust speeds aging and deterioration of upholsteries.

  1. Take care of stains and spills of the upholstered furniture

Upholstery spots are not mere cosmetic issue. So, if it is left unaccounted then it will seep deep into the fibres causing permanent and stubborn stains. As a result, the fabric will damage soon. Remember that it is really cumbersome to remove old stains as determination of its type is really hard after some time.

Tips to deal with the stains on the furniture

Treating any stain instantly is the best method to prevent permanent spotting. Although obvious yet homeowners delay upholstery cleaning after there are spills on armchairs and sofa.

It seems hectic and impossible to carry stain removal treatment on a workday. But if possible try to attempt it right away. You can only skip it when you don’t know about stain type and can’t arrange the correct cleaning item to treat it.

Tips to remove stain safely during sofa cleaning

Many people get store-stocked stain removal items and some use homemade cleaning solutions. Despite of the approach you make, it is always better to opt for precautions to treat the stain all by yourself. Here we share some tips for avoiding deterioration of the upholstered furniture more:

  1. Check furniture label to know the cleaning instructions. Know about the blend of fabric you are about to deal with.
  2. At first apply the solution to hidden spot of armchair or sofa prior to thorough application. Test your home made stain removal solution in corner of furniture, armrest, cushions and areas close to legs. It is imperative to figure out whether the cleaner you are about to use is safe or not!
  3. To clear any doubt whether the cleaner is suitable or not or how to treat the stains call professional upholstery cleaning experts right away. They use an array of specialised tools and products to eliminate the stain safely without affecting the materials and fabrics’ finishes.
  4. Deep cleaning of the upholstered furniture

Deep cleaning is must at least 2 times in a year to keep the upholstered furniture in good condition. It will extract the settled down dirt deeply from the fabric that normal vacuuming can’t extract. It successfully kills dust mites and bacteria in the upholsteries.

Tips to carry out deep upholstery cleaning

Although numerous upholstery cleaning ways are there yet steam cleaning also called hot water extraction is highly preferable by most of professional cleaners and manufacturers. Hire professional upholstery cleaner to carry out the task perfectly. However, a minor mistake or selection of improper product can lead to permanent and irreversible damage of the upholstery.

  1. Pet hair removal from your soft furniture

Pet owners are well aware of the tiresome job of cleaning fur from furniture upholstery. Sofa is the most favourite spot of your furry companion to spend the most time of the day on. Sometimes daily vacuuming also fails to collect all pet hairs from upholstered furniture.

Tips for complete pet hair and dander from your upholsteries

Make sure that the upholstery is vacuuming on a daily basis prior to set to pile up the pet hair! Irrespective of the tool you are going to use there must be no dust and dirt on the surface!

Use upholstery brush having firm or moderate bristles. Lint roller is another option if you want to remove the hair from plain surface. Put on dry rubber gloves to clean up the thick and short fur that stuck into the fabric.

  1. Don’t neglect prevention to keep the upholstery new-like appearance

Prolong the longevity of the upholstery by daily vacuuming and instant spot cleaning. But it is always better to opt for preventive measure to hold on the new look of the armchair and sofa for long.

  1. What you should do for preventing spills, wear and tear?

Don’t smoke close to the spots where you install the upholstered furniture. It can create a yellowish tinted layer on the upholstery materials, leather and fabric. Practise to use trays and napkins when you think to have your meal on the sofa for avoiding sticky stains and spills on it. Don’t sit on them with dusty and dirty clothes as some amount of dirt will stick to it.

Strictly adhere to the above-mentioned tips to restore the original looks and feel of the furniture and upholsteries for longer period of time.