10 Major Tips when you buy Dedicated Server

Today everyone who owns a website thinks of buying a dedicated server at least once in their life.

What makes a dedicated server in demand? The dedicated servers are considered more powerful types of server that provides high time availability, stability, and security to a single owner.

This is because unlike shared hosting these types of servers are not shared by multiple users and are wholly owned by a single user.

Hence they are capable to handle high-traffic websites and they provide the users with a high-performance experience.

People are now knowing the benefits of owning a dedicated server. All of their desire is to get a dedicated server that can ease their working operations.

Due to this popularity, there are various hosting providers in the market that deal in the dedicated server all of them have different prices and offers in the festive and non-festive seasons.

People generally get confused when it comes to buying a dedicated server. In this blog, we will provide you with the 10 topmost tips that will help you to guide while buying a dedicated server.

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Tip 1: Know your requirements to the best level

When it comes to business there are things that you need to look after.

A business website will decide what are you exact performance requirements and how and by what they can get fulfilled.

If you are a larger firm and your website makes around 1000+ visitors per month then your requirements would be different than that of smaller firms that might expect 500 visitors per month.

Before exactly buying a dedicated server make sure you consider all your website requirements at least twice.

Performance factors can be different for different types of businesses.

Consider the most important factors such as how much website storage you will be required, the speed and bandwidth, the type of hardware you will be required, and more.

After knowing all your requirements it becomes easy to buy a dedicated server that will suit your business to the best level.

Tip 2: Buy what you need not what you want

This is a very old saying by our ancestors that only purchase what you need and don’t buy what you want.

Even Mahatma Gandhi said that there is plenty for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.

This tells us that we should allocate our funds in what we want the most and not spend them unnecessarily and waste them.

Tip 3: Maximum security

If you want your business to keep running smoothly then you must opt for a high-security service provider.

This not only ensures you to be safe in any sort of mishap or cyberattack or a breakout etc.

But it also ensures you that you have experts at your side who will help you to follow the best security trends so that you can stay unharmed in any scenario.

If you follow this advice then you are not likely to fall into the hands of cybercriminals and be at loss.

Tip 4: Potential Downtime

According to consumer behavior researchers, it has been noticed that a potential customer while visiting a website hardly waits for three to four seconds only for your website.

If your website is slow and takes much time to load then there are high chances that your visitor will move to another site within the next second.

Moreover, to minimize the situations like bounce rate you consider a web hosting provider who guarantees high uptime.

However, there are certain unpredictable situation where downtimes occur but you should make sure that those downtimes are recovered as soon as possible.

Look after the web hosting provider who provides high uptime and support services.

Tip 5: Don’t buy unnecessary add-ons

A lot of the times when you are out in the market buying yourself a new dedicated server, you will generally be bundled with unnecessary add-ons, some of which you even don’t need.

You should only pay for what you need. This way you will end up paying less for your needs.

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Tip 6: Server Management

Server management is a very important task and is done by every IT team.

Businesses need to constantly manage their servers to make sure they are working just fine and do not have any sort of problems.

There are a lot of tasks that are done under the name of server management which most people do not consider as a task worth mentioning, but are rather important and crucial as well.

Be it a regular update for your software or your operating system. Or regular hardware checks or a security patch implementation.

And all these functions are generally provided by your service provider in the case of managed hosting plan so you may or may not hear about them a lot.

Tip 7: Consider Scalability

Being scalable is one of the most important things that you would want to have in your systems.

Scalability means saving a lot of resources that can be reused or reoriented towards different things.

Simply put adding a piece of hardware to your machine is also under the scalability definition.

This oftentimes tends to be the case for most service providers. But before making any move you need to make sure that your service provider offers you scalable options. Because without these options you will need to go through a lot of hassle to upgrade your servers.


Tip 8: Back up services

Having a backup for your website is very important.

And you will face a massive setback in your business. This can lead to a lot of issues.

You will have to face losses in terms of technology or company stock price may decrease due to less business lead generation etc.

so choose a service provider that also gives backup services for your server.

Tip 9: Do not consider cheap brands

It is a very well-known fact that you should always keep your distance from unreal deals and purchases. If you are getting a better deal with a cheap brand then you should think about getting that deal thrice.

As the majority of the time, these brands do not offer you the best services that you might expect from them.

Tip 10: Decide your maximum budget

The last and very important tip of buying a dedicated server is knowing your budget.

Many people do not buy a dedicated server because of their high cost but there are many deals and offers that come into play as well as after knowing your server requirements you can make your purchase decision while buying a dedicated server.

Make sure your budget includes extra expenses like server setup and licensing fees and others. Consider different websites and offers before buying one.


In conclusion, owning a dedicated server will provide you with high benefits and features like Security, Stability, and Reliability.

Selecting the best-dedicated server might be a challenge for you if you are not aware of what you exactly require.

We recommend that you should only buy a dedicated server for a reliable firm that assures you high uptime, scalability, technical assistance, and security.