If you clicked on this title, it’s because you’re looking for good advice before you leave on a trip to help you pack your bag. Be sure not to forget anything. To be ready for anything. This one of the travel blogs that will not help you prepare your business. But, rest assured, it will be much more useful to you: it will help you prepare yourself.

Traveler’s checklist: do not forget anything!

Don’t forget anything. Be ready. Concepts that stress more than one, whether it’s when weighing your bag, finalizing your itinerary, or closing your budget. And more so for the long-distance mother daughter trips. You must succeed in your journey!

Forgetting something scares many of us, whether it’s leaving a light on or walking away with no spare socks. But how do you overcome a fear? By digging to see what’s behind. For example, by imagining the worst possible scenario. And at worst, if I forget my socks, what will happen? Intangible anxieties become tangible potential problems…and often much less frightening. Because let’s be honest, we don’t need 1001 gadgets to travel, and forgetting something is rarely tragic, stores even exist on the other side of the world. Solutions exist no need to create fears for problems that do not yet exist, will probably never exist,

In short, no stress!

No, what I want to talk to you about today is therefore not all these objects that must be taken with you, but all these other “little things” that change everything and allow you to leave in good spirits: states of spirit, skills, positive thoughts… Focus on the 10 thoughts to take on a trip!

10 thoughts to carry in your bag

His sense of humor

Most important on the list: a sense of humor! Take away and cultivate, as well as that of self-mockery. Together, they will allow you to overcome the little moments of discomfort, embarrassment, culture shock, doubt, fatigue… When in doubt, don’t forget to smile, laugh, and first yourself. Taking life lightly begins with a movement of the lips.

His ability to relativize

This one is just as crucial and often comes in pairs. Sometimes you lack it when you leave, but, with a bit of (bad) luck, the road will allow you to develop it. Learning to put things into perspective starts with the discomfort of transport or the change in the standard of living abroad, the encounter with a new way of living and eating.

His ability to adapt

And once we move forward on the path of relativization, adaptation is not far off. Adapting means being more flexible in the face of life’s squalls: not letting them break us or carry us away, letting them slide along our skin, rounding our backs, and straightening up taller. Learning to adapt on the road also means realizing what matters to us: do we need such a big wardrobe, a house, a car…? What if, finally, we could live on love and freshwater (and chocolate)?

His desire to meet

Traveling, discovering the world, new latitudes, new landscapes, new flavors… and new faces! Leaving, alone, in pairs or a group, always means leaving your comfort zone and your environment to enter someone else’s, sharing their language, their sun, and their way of life. The opportunity to meet new souls from here or elsewhere with whom to exchange a few smiles or deep words.

The opportunity also to meet, to discover who we are there: am I still me without everything that defines me at home, job, house, family… The roads are often very beautiful therapists…

His desire for change

Going on a trip is such a great opportunity to change your life: it’s up to us to seize it, to dare to step out of our comfort zone by making new experiences. Experiment with different types of accommodation, from luxury hotels to homestays. Try out local customs and traditions. Taste the culinary specialties of the country…

Change is also sometimes through very concrete lifestyle habits: a commitment to oneself to take advantage of a change of framework to transform a bad habit or even adopt a good one that we have been craving for a long time. This can be played out on many different levels: on the physical level, for example, by taking care of one’s health; mentally, by taking time for yourself; on an intellectual level, by taking language courses abroad… And sometimes, all these plans can be combined. For example, change by deciding to overcome your shyness by daring to enroll in a group yoga class. It’s up to you to find what suits you!

His desire for beauty and grandeur

Oh, how beautiful the world is! It is with this idea that the traveler sets sail and opens his eyes wide. And the more this idea is present in the mind of the traveler, the more it will be confirmed: he will find smiling people, divine lights, the welcoming aura of the country, sublime landscapes…

This is what this little oriental tale about happiness tells:

Once upon a time, an old man was sitting at the entrance to a town in the Middle East.

A young man approached and said to him:

– I have never been here; how are the people who live in this city?

The old man answered him with a question:

– How were the people in the town where you come from?

– Selfish and wicked. This is also the reason why I was very happy to leave, said the young man.

The old man answered:

“You will find the same people here.

A little later, another young man approached and asked him the same question.

– I have just arrived in the region; how are the people who live in this city?

The old man replied in the same way:

– Tell me, my boy, how were the people in the town where you come from?

– They were kind and hospitable, honest; I had good friends there; I had great difficulty in leaving her, replied to the young man.

“You will find the same here,” replied the old man.

A merchant who watered his camels nearby had overheard both conversations. As soon as the second young man had moved away, he addressed the old man in a tone of reproach:

– How can you give two completely different answers to the same question asked by two people?

“He who opens his heart also changes his outlook on others,” replied the old man. Everyone carries their universe in their heart.

His desire for novelty

Leaving with an open eye on the beauties of the world is good! And when this is coupled with a desire for novelty, it’s even better! The novelty is in the life experiences, which reinforce the capacity for adaptation and change. But novelty also happens in the head.

Want to change glasses, adopt a new pair to see the world differently. Forget the judgments anchored in us, on the Other, the Difference, the religions, the beliefs… Rediscover our childlike curiosity and our openness to the other, to see him as a brother in our common humanity.

This desire for novelty leads the traveler to immerse himself in the country he is visiting intensely and to change his view of the world, his environment of origin, his culture things to take on a trip, and himself. Stories from here and elsewhere to counter prejudices and received ideas. The attraction of novelty, and therefore of difference, breaks down barriers, internal and external.

His desire to let go of the superfluous

Now that you have forgotten even your initial question when you arrived here (the essentials to take on a trip), you have already started one of the most beautiful paths that travel takes us on: that of letting go. We start by forgetting the objects-in-case-where that want to weigh down our shoulders and by refocusing on the essential equipment that we need to leave.

Then this quest continues, and it is no longer the material essential that is in question, but the immaterial. What do I need to live? What do I need? Eminently personal questions that affect our deep values, our dreams, and reasons for living. Undoubtedly among the most beautiful and great questions to ask yourself on the path of life, on the road to happiness.

His desire to have a good time

Leaving with a positive spirit is already putting a 90% chance on our side that everything will go well. Because even if things go “badly”, to hear “not as planned”, the traveler will not label this experience as bad. It will be an experience, period. Perhaps comical, perhaps rich in the challenge, surely full of anecdotes to tell on the way back.

With this mentality, the traveler will want to connect to the positive: that of the world, that in himself, and that in the other, whether it is his traveling companion or the faces he will meet on the roads. A nice bias to intensify the positive aura of the trip!

And above all, with this idea, the traveler knows, whatever happens:

Everything ends well in the end, and if it’s not well, it’s not the end yet! (The Great Marigold Hotel)

His desire for harmony

And finally, the last thought to carry in one of the pockets of his bag: his desire for harmony. It will allow you to feel connected to the world and, above all, to remember to connect to yourself. You know, you, with your emotions, your thoughts, your needs… all those things that you tend to neglect with the hectic pace of your sedentary life. There, it’s a moment for you: grab it, take it in your arms well and enjoy it!

The opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply and listen to your little inner voice. Besides, the more you listen to it, the more you will hear it. Be careful, she can become very talkative!

But still…

If this list of beautiful thoughts leaves you hungry, look at the article on the small objects that you can think of carrying in your bag. The more I travel, the less I encumber myself with all those objects that I thought were essential. Today, my classics are:

  • a small list of vocabulary words in the language(s) of the country
  • a pen and a small notebook, to write down my thoughts, expand vocabulary, communicate by words or drawings, play hangman… In short, multifunctional! (Or the modern version with my tablet)
  • a roll of toilet paper and/or tissues is always useful!
  • a lip balm, organic sunscreen, a comb, a toothbrush, a solid shampoo (more info in the article Traveling as a woman: in practice)
  • blindfold, earplugs, scarf
  • a headlamp, which Francois always makes fun of, but I never go without!
  • cookies, because the road is long… (and I’m always hungry)

Be ready for the start: it’s in your head first!

Here is my big conclusion: being ready is first in the head! And if the head goes into a spin before the big start, it’s normal and it doesn’t matter! To convince yourself of this, look at articles such as the emotional rainbow, the fear of embarking on a first trip, or the anxiety of leaving. You are not alone in asking yourself questions or having emotions that play yo-yo with your nerves before leaving on a trip. So, don’t worry, you’re normal in your pre-departure madness! Welcome your emotions and, above all, prepare your trip with these beautiful thoughts, to enjoy the magnificent life experience that awaits you.

Have a good trip!